Disaster Coming: Biden Finishes Building His Green Team

John Kerry’s office as the Special Special Envoy for Climate (SPEC) is staffed with individuals who originally occupied senior roles in many international green energy organizations.

The Green Plan

According to a Fox News Digital analysis, Kerry’s office hired people who held previous leadership positions at certain institutions.

These include the United Nations Founding, Global Environment Facility, International Monetary Fund Natural Resources Defense Council, and numerous other massive global or green organizations.

The groups promoted a quick shift away from the use of fossil fuels on a global scale and primarily referred to global warming as the “climate catastrophe.”

Myron Ebell, the head of the Competitive Business Institute’s Center for Energy and the Environment, told Fox News Digital in an appearance, “it’s not unexpected” since “it’s basically the same old crew.”

These are the individuals who have decades trying to solve these problems but failing.

Ebell, who served as the head of Trump’s 2016 campaign staff on energy and environmental issues, described the group as the “climate aristocracy.”

Moving away from fossil fuels, according to experts, will increase costs and increase the possibility of blackouts during times of heavy energy demand.

In a recent assessment, the government regulator North American Electric Reliability Corporation observed that measures pushing a green transition too soon put the majority of the U.S. in increased danger of blackouts.

Kerry’s office has been coy about who it hired to fill important positions. However, a Fox News Digital overview of the public databases Leadership Connect and LinkedIn profiles disclosed the personalities of some top staffers and their prior employment.

Kerry’s office is contained at the State Department and has an approximate $13.9 million yearly budget with permission for 45 personnel.

When questioned about its employment procedure, the SPEC office declined to comment.

No Info From Them

Leonardo Martinez-Diaz, managing partner for climate finance, Giulia Christianson, a top aide, and Christina Chan, former top adjustment adviser, are at least three present or former SPEC employees who previously worked for the World Resources Institute (WRI).

According to the WRI website, “the earth is already witnessing unprecedented fires, droughts, floods, and other extreme weather.”

“As the planet continues to warm, these dangers will only get more serious. Poor and other disadvantaged populations will be worst hit by the consequences of climate change.”

According to the WRI, “the majority of nations, corporations, governments, and cities” are failing to implement the necessary “societal adjustments” to address climate change.

From 2017 until 2021, Martinez-Diaz was the worldwide director of the WRI Sustainable Finance Center.

He directed “engagement with government, development financing institutions, and private financial firms to swiftly accelerate the transformation to sustainable finance.”

Chan oversaw the WRI’s climate resilience program from 2017 to 2021. Christianson served as the organization’s head of sustainable private industry finance from 2011 to 2021.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.