DeSantis Slates Funds to Take Illegals to Martha’s Vineyard

Florida's Republican Governor DeSantis wants to take the illegal immigration problem directly to Biden and Obama, literally. (Shutterstock)

Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis has come up with a plan.

This plan will take the exacerbating problem with illegal immigration right to the doorstep of Democrat President Joe Biden and his predecessor and former boss, Barack Obama.

DeSantis means it quite literally. He slated special funds in his next year’s proposed budget of Florida to transport illegal immigrants from his state to the state of Delaware. Delaware is the home state of Sleepy Joe.

DeSantis also wants illegal immigrants shipped to the luxury resort of Martha’s Vineyard Island, off the coast of Massachusetts in the Atlantic Ocean, where Barack Obama enjoys his lavish mansion.

‘Next Day the Border Will Be Secure’

Last month, DeSantis expressed his outrage over the practice. He condemned Biden when an illegal immigrant from Central America was taken to Florida by the Biden administration and then killed a local man who invited him into his home.

According to the DeSantis administration, the federal government took some 70 flights with illegal immigrants from the US-Mexican border to the city of Jacksonville, Florida.

Back in November, at a press conference, Florida’s governor did speak of the idea to ship off the illegals to Delaware and Martha’s Vineyard, right to the communities where key Democrat figures Joe Biden and Barack Obama live.

The former, in particular, is now fully responsible for the tremendous surge in illegal immigration; he destroyed President Trump’s progress in that regard right after he entered the White House in January.

This time, however, DeSantis is taking concrete steps to take the illegal migration problem directly to Sleepy Joe and his ex-boss.

Thus, the GOP governor of Florida specially slated $8 million in the state’s 2022-2023 budget to cover the transportation expenses of illegal immigrants all the way to Delaware and Massachusetts’ Martha’s Vineyard.

DeSantis personally announced this at a press conference, as cited by The Epoch Times.

The luxury resort island of Martha’s Vineyard, where Obama has a lavish mansion, might soon be getting its own share of illegal immigrants thanks to the Florida government. (Shutterstock)

Standing Up to the Biden Administration

The Florida governor’s proposed measures on how to deal with the surge in illegal immigration didn’t stop there. DeSantis called upon more counties to become part of the 287(g) program of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Under it, detainees on criminal charges in county jails get their immigration status investigated. Florida’s Republican governor also put forth the idea of publishing the names of all convicted illegals on a public website.

Furthermore, DeSantis is also proposing a number of legislative reforms in order to resist the unbridled illegal immigration facilitated by the Biden administration. Those include a measure to ban any contractors who engage in helping Biden ship illegal immigrants to Florida from receiving Florida state contracts.

DeSantis insisted “we have a responsibility” to defend the rule of law and the obligation to guarantee the security of the residents of Florida.