DeSantis Strips Disney of Special Privileges

(Florida Governor's office)

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis has defeated Disney.

On Friday, he signed the state law removing all of Disney’s special privileges. This is due to the company seeking to impose gender ideology on young children and to stop the state’s parental rights bill.

No More Self-Government for Disney in Florida

The changes are leaving Disney unable to self-govern, as they did away with the Reedy Creek Improvement District. More specifically, the company is no longer able to operate there as a “self-contained government.”

Disney could now suffer substantial tax consequences; although the new state law also left room for renegotiating the future of the district.

Before he signed the law that crushed Disney, DeSantis gave a rousing address, amid a crowd of schoolchildren.

He blasted Disney’s management for seeking to impose “pansexuality” on “our youngest”, among whom the governor included his five-year-old daughter. DeSantis vowed further decisiveness to stand up to Disney.

The conflict between Disney and Florida’s Republican governor, together with the state GOP, erupted over the law in question, which banned sexual and gender identity indoctrination in elementary schools.

Critics falsely dubbed this law the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, even though it doesn’t even mention the word “gay” anywhere.

Disney’s top executives were hesitant on the topic at first. They were later pressured to “do something” about it by a crowd of staff members, leading in March to the announcement the company is ending all of its donations to the state of Florida.

Instead, it switched to funding groups opposing the Parental Rights in Education law.

(Florida Governor’s office)

Crushing the Democrat Machine’s Lapdogs

In his speech during the signing ceremony, DeSantis emphasized the company lied about what is inside the parental rights bill.

However, what he truly considered “unacceptable” was the company’s blatant decision to fight the law adopted by the elected legislators of the state of Florida, which came from what he described as a firm “based in Burbank, California.”

DeSantis was quite quick to react with the signing ceremony of the bill cracking down on Disney’s corporate woke excesses, as it was given the final green light by Florida’s legislature, just a day earlier.

The bill in question was adopted by the state Senate with 23-16 votes on Wednesday, and then by the state House with 68-38 votes on Thursday.

In comments earlier this week, DeSantis emphasized the need to hold accountable the “Democrat machine,” together with “their corporate lapdogs,” such as Disney.

The signing of the new law to take away Disney’s special status in Florida had an immediate effect on the company’s fortunes, as it led its stock to plummet further on Friday.

Since March, when it started to bicker with the Florida government, Disney’s stock has gone down by 33%, from $200 to $121.

The Florida Republicans’ swift move to crack down on Disney’s wokeness apparently scared Joe Biden, who declared the GOP is now an “ugly MAGA party.”