Democrats to Face ‘Perfect Storm’ in Midterms

The Democrat Party is headed for a spectacular defeat in the 2022 midterm elections.

That’s unless the Biden administration and congressional Democrats make some major changes and fast, the party’s own strategists are warning.

‘Perfect Storm’ Created by the Democrats Themselves

The stark warnings come against the backdrop of President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden’s slumping ratings, and the United States’ highest monthly inflation in 41 years.

As a metaphor for public dissatisfaction with the Biden administration, a bird pooped on Sleepy Joe’s shoulder as he was touting a minor policy measure to bring down spiking gas prices by $0.10.

With just six months to go before the 2022 midterm elections, Democrat strategists are becoming extremely worried the vote is going to be a massacre for their party, The Daily Mail writes in a report.

Democrat strategist Michael Stratton, who has a record working on campaigns, including in Colorado, described the situation the Democrats are facing ahead of the midterms as a “perfect storm.”

Another strategist for the Democrat Party, Chad Campbell of Arizona, is quoted as saying American voters are eager for “American leadership” against the backdrop of the worrisome global situation.

That remains true even as the Biden administration is trying to justify its difficulties, such as the spiking oil and gas prices, ensuing inflation, Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, and the respective reduction in the purchases of Russian oil and natural gas.

(Chart by The Daily Mail)

If the GOP Fails to Win, It Will Be a ‘Shock’

Thus, in Campbell’s words, the average American’s inflation concerns aren’t going to be distracted by the emphasis of the administration on unemployment numbers.

He noted that no matter how much one gets paid, when a gallon of gas costs $5.50, that is still going to be considered “expensive.”

Another Democrat strategist said the US voter is not going to forgive those in charge of the government for any “domestic pain” because of “international issues”.

In his or her words, the US midterms are not going to be about “voting on Vladimir Putin,” and at the moment, the Democrat Party is “losing the blame game.”

The report also points out that Democrat strategists concede their party “traditionally loses” midterms.

That seems very likely to happen, especially with Independent voters particularly disillusioned with Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and the policies of the Biden administration.

Another Democrat strategist is quoted as saying the odds that the Democrat Party may be able to hang on to its majority in the House of Representatives are “very low.”

In fact, in his words, “anything but a Republican majority” in the fall would be a “shocking” development.

The Senate is believed to be more contested ground, but even there, the GOP seems to have good odds to gain the upper hand.