Democrats and Republicans in Close Fight This Upcoming Midterms

New reports reveal Democrats are closing the gap with Republicans for the upcoming midterm elections. 

Reportedly, the Supreme Court’s abortion verdict in the Roe v. Wade case mobilized Democratic voters, which could help Democrats to retain congressional majorities.

Democrats Giving Tough Competition to Republicans 

NBC News released its latest polls on Sunday, according to which both parties are currently getting the support of 46% of voters.

In previous NBC polls, which were released last month, Republicans were leading by two percentage points in a generic congressional ballot. 

Almost 77% of black voters support Democrats, while only 8% want to see a Republican majority in Congress after the November elections.

Likewise, 57% of young voters aged between 18 to 34 back Democrats in the upcoming elections, while 33% of young voters support Republicans.

Meanwhile, 58% of white college degree holders support Democrats, compared to 38% who support Republicans from this voter group.

After the Supreme Court’s abortion verdict, only 40% of women support Republicans, while 53% of them want Democrats to capture Congress once again.

However, the polling insisted Republicans have managed to impress Latino voters as 42% of them support the GOP, compared to 46% who back Democrats.

Traditionally, Democrats enjoyed overwhelming support among Hispanics, but they are no longer supporting the radical policies of the Biden administration.

Contrary to this, Republicans are enjoying the support of men, white Americans, Independents, and white people without college degrees.

Almost 53% of men support the GOP, while only 39% of them back Democratic candidates. In addition to that, nearly 54% of white Americans want to see Republicans winning their elections, compared to 41% of white people who would vote for Democrats.

Restricted Abortion Access Helped Democrats Make a Comeback

Democrats are also suffering from greater voter apathy, compared to Republicans. As per the latest polls, almost 70% of Republicans are excited to vote in the upcoming elections, compared to 66% of Democrats who are eager to vote for their party.

For Republican voters, issues like border security, illegal immigration, the poor economy, and rising crime are disturbing the country right now. In contrast, Democrats are mainly worried about abortion access, health care, and protecting education and democracy.

Speaking to NBC News, Republican pollster Bill McInturff noted the two campaigns are running in parallel at the moment.

McInturff added the GOP is mobilizing voters based on the deteriorating economy and rising crimes, while Democrats are raising issues like abortion, climate change, and threatened democracy to protect their congressional majority.

NBC polls also suggested Biden’s approval rating slightly improved, as 45% of voters are now satisfied with the president’s performance. This is the highest approval rating of Biden since last October.

Although women and Latino voters are in favor of Biden, more adult Americans and suburban voters are still unhappy with Biden’s leadership, per the NBC polls.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.