Democrat Publicity Stunt Organizer AOC Attacks Gun Manufacturers

"IMG_3972" by Matt Johnson

The House Committee held a meeting with gun manufacturers on Wednesday this week.

If you’ve been keeping up with Democrats’ agenda regarding firearms, you’re probably already aware of their plentiful attempts to demonize gun owners and manufacturers.

In that sense, considering the number of murders committed with knives in the US, knife manufacturers, and just about every kitchen in the country, should be under fire; yet, here we are.

“IMG_3972” by Matt Johnson

Almost as if the 2nd Amendment doesn’t exist

With AOC added into the mix, the matter becomes very quick to turn into chaos. This time, she did it by claiming a firearm company’s ads were “racist” over a small tattoo one of the actors had.

It’s important to note that AOC is no stranger to bad publicity either. She was caught pretending to be handcuffed at an arrest stunt organized by a Soros-owned group, which soon led a Democratic NY senator to slam her for the irresponsible act.

During the hearing though, she goes beyond just lying for attention.

She consults with another “witness” present at the hearing regarding the company’s racist tattoos; the plant obviously claims the symbol to be one depicting white supremacy.

As expected, the tattoo is just a very common and popular Norse symbol called “The Valknut,” although it was barely even visible in the original ad.

Could AOC have become the very thing she swore to destroy?

While it’s clear the symbol was actually spotted on some racist individuals, it doesn’t make the tattoo itself racist.

Hundreds of other innocent, well-meaning people have the same symbol somewhere on their bodies, be it for their religious beliefs or simply because they thought it looked cool.

This means AOC was not only defaming the actor from the ad, but she also unleashed an extremely bigoted take against thousands of other people who have the tattoo, as well as attempted to defame a major gun company.

After finishing her rant about Daniel Defense, which contained a dozen unrelated pictures from January 6th, 2021, AOC moved on to defaming Palmetto State Armory over a firearm with a flower design.

This she associated with the Boogaloo Bois, an anti-government group that actually stood with BLM during the June 2020 riots.

We’ve reached peak absurdity here. We’re living in a time when the left goes above and beyond to “cancel” anyone who stands in the way of their often bigoted agenda.

This is further denoted by the fact there exists a picture of AOC holding up the “white supremacist” symbol she slammed other government officials for earlier.

Fortunately for her, the symbol itself has no racist connotation. It only reached its status due to radical leftists spreading misinformation on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.