David Perdue Formally Launches Bid for Georgia Governor

2022 will a very huge year for politics in the United States.

Next year’s midterms will determine the balance of power in the federal government. If Republicans are successful in taking back the House of Representatives, the Senate, or both, the Biden administration will have considerably less pull.

On top of the midterms in Congress are the gubernatorial elections happening in Texas, Florida, Michigan, Georgia, and other states across the country. The governorship races matter just as much as the midterms, if not more so.

If there’s anything the past two years have done, it’s show that it really does matter which politician is sitting in the governor’s mansion. In the state of Georgia, the gubernatorial election is heating up and getting increasingly interesting.

On Monday, David Perdue, a businessman and former Republican senator, announced his candidacy for the Georgia governorship, per Breitbart News.

David Perdue for Georgia Governor

On Monday morning, Perdue declared his run in the Georgia gubernatorial election. In a video posted across his social media platforms, Perdue stated that he’s running to restore conservative values to Georgia.

The former senator also stated that while he liked current Georgia GOP Governor Brian Kemp and doesn’t have anything against Kemp personally, he doesn’t believe Kemp has what it takes to continue leading the state.

Perdue furthermore opined that Kemp will not be able to defeat Abrams at the ballot box come November. The former GOP senator then went on to declare that if he has anything to say about it, Abrams won’t be controlling Georgia’s elections or sitting in the governor’s mansion.

Some of the policies Perdue would bring to Georgia as governor involve ending the state income tax, increasing public safety, promoting school choice, etc.

Finally, Perdue concluded his announcement video by stating the values he learned while growing up in middle Georgia have stayed with him over the course of his life and will remain with him as Georgia’s governor.

More from Perdue

On Monday, Perdue sat down with Fox News host Sean Hannity to discuss his entry into the Georgia 2022 gubernatorial race. During his interview, Perdue started by noting his candidacy is to save the state of Georgia and stop Stacey Abrams.

From this point forward, Perdue professed that many Georgia Republicans altogether no longer have faith in Kemp. Perdue also noted that former President Trump has endorsed him in his fight to become the next governor of Georgia.

Later, Perdue warned that Abrams’ endgame for Georgia is to turn it into another New York or California. This was another point Perdue talked about in the video announcing his candidacy.

Americans who are interested in learning more about Perdue’s run for Georgia governor can visit DavidPerdueGA.com.

What do you think about Republican David Perdue entering into the 2022 race for Georgia governor?