Czechia Becomes First US Ally to Give Ukraine Heavy Weapons to Fight Russia

(Social media video screenshot shows T-72 tanks loaded on railroad cars in Czechia for transfer to Ukraine)

For the first time, a western nation and member of the 30-strong NATO mutual defense alliance led by the United States has provided heavy weapons, including tanks, to Ukraine.

These weapons are to help Ukraine in its struggle for freedom, independence, and democracy against the hordes of brutal Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

Central European Nation Comes to Ukraine’s Aid

The Central European nation of Czechia, also known in English as the Czech Republic, set a precedent on Tuesday by preparing to send Ukraine dozens of tanks, howitzers, and armored personnel carriers of the BMP type.

Officials from the Czech government have declined to give details about the heavy arms supplies for Ukraine, but confirmed the transfer of the assault-capable weapons.

Speaking before the Czech parliament on Tuesday, the nation’s Defense Minister Jana Cernichova said she could “only assure” the legislators Czechia is doing all it can to deliver military aid to Ukraine.

Cernichova added that Czechia is going to keep providing Ukraine with “both light and heavy” military equipment.

Western supplies of armaments have played a very big role in the military success of the resisting Ukrainian troops.

However, Ukraine’s leadership has been begging the West to supply it with heavy weapons such as fighter jets, anti-aircraft missile systems, anti-ship missiles, and tanks so it can defeat Russian invaders.

Ukraine’s plucky President Volodymyr Zelenskyy made a very impassionate plea to that end during the NATO alliance summit in Brussels on March 24, a month into the war.

(Social media video screenshot shows armored personnel carriers loaded on railroad cars in Czechia for transfer to Ukraine)

First Heavy Arms Transfer to Ukraine Sets Key Precedent

Western leaders, including America’s President Joe Biden (who personally traveled to the NATO summit in Belgium and then to US ally Poland), have been unwilling to heed Ukrainian requests.

This is out of fear of provoking Russia’s murderous tyrant Putin toward nuclear escalation of the war in Ukraine.

That is why the Czech transfer of tanks, howitzers, and BMPs to the Ukrainians is setting a precedent for the West.

It comes just a couple of days after the Ukrainian troops found horrifying evidence of Russian war crimes and acts of genocide in Bucha and several towns and villages north of Kyiv.

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, a senior Polish official claimed in a single day, Ukraine burns through the weapons it receives abroad in a week, meaning there could be a threat of an arms shortage for the Ukrainian defenders.

The tanks that Czechia is providing to Ukraine now are of the old Soviet-type, T-72, which was the main battle tank in the nations of the former Soviet-led Warsaw Pact.

However, while old, the heavy weapons in question are fit for Ukraine because the Ukrainian military is familiar precisely with this type of equipment, which is also being fielded by its enemy Russia.