Country Music Star Slams Left-Wing Extremists in New Hit Song

The far left in this country is out of control. The signs are everywhere, from their grip on the media to their promotion of sick sexual ideologies to children in our education system.

The tide has to turn; tens of millions of ordinary Americans are fed up with being flooded with hate and insanity every time they turn on the TV or head out the door for their daily lives.

One of those Americans happens to be country music star John Rich, formerly of the group Big and Rich.

He has a new song out that takes on the Biden regime and the woke frauds who support it; the track is already a major hit.


Rich’s new song is called Progress. It’s all about how the fake cult of progress is sinking our nation into a black hole. It also talks about the real America and the great men and women who still exist across this country.

As Rich sings, America’s “heart” has been replaced by a “hole” that is full of evil energy and anti-American woke nonsense promising to “build back better.”

It’s all basic code for wanting to destroy our way of life, erase the hard work, patriotism, and rock-solid spirit of the generations who came before and replace it with rainbow radicalism and woke insanity.

Rich isn’t having any of it. His song asks only one thing of the radical left, and it’s really not such a huge ask: Leave us alone. 

The song is finding eager ears and is currently the most downloaded song in the entire world.

Rich Loves America

There’s no two ways to say it: Rich loves America.

He’s also a big supporter of the America First movement and the patriotic core of this country who’s not yet ready to throw in the towel to the woke mob and their green-haired basement scum.

As Disney rushes to wokeify their films, and we live in a country where the left is inciting violence against conservatives on a daily basis, it’s good for normal people to know they’re not alone.

The truth is making people believe they’re alone and isolated is a big part of how the cultural left seizes and keeps power.

By making individuals feel they lack power and are strange or crazy, the left keeps its hold on power, gaslighting and strangling the ability of the conservative movement to move on.

The Bottom Line

The popularity of Rich’s new song shows just how many Americans want a better future.

As Rich says, our freedom should never be held hostage by a bunch of anti-Christian ideologues who want to force their way of life and secular beliefs on the rest of us.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.