Cop Murders Under Biden Climb to Highest in 27 Years

Biden’s first year in office saw the highest number of intentional murders of US police officers in the line of duty in 27 years.

Most Police Ambush Murders in 35 Years

Public alarm over cop killings has been raised by the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund, which is urging Biden to start addressing the dreadful topic in question.

According to FBI data from the LEOKA (“Law Enforcement Officers Killed in Action”) database, a total of 73 active-duty police officers were killed in 2021.

That is a marked increase, compared with the 46 cop murders in 2020; it is the first time more than 72 police officers have been killed since 1995, when the figure was 74.

Jason Johnson, the head of the LELDF (“Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund”), told Fox News the spike in police officer homicides is a combination of several factors.

He mentioned among those are the riots after the killing of George Floyd in May 2020, plus a general preference for “less policing”, “less prosecution”, and “less law enforcement”.

Johnson is a police veteran of 20 years. He emphasized the ongoing marginalization and demoralization of law enforcement officers resulted in skyrocketing homicide rates in dozens of major American cities.

He observed that “leaders in the White House, Congress, and in these cities” have demonstrated a lack of respect for police officers.

Lack of Leadership in White House and Across America

The long-time police veteran argued cops aren’t looking for public support for wrongful acts they may have committed.

Instead, their expectation is of the elected leaders not to jump to premature conclusions about potential police mistakes or violence at every single video that may go viral on social media.

The head of the LELDF noted that Joe Biden went to New York City a day after the funeral of Det. Wilbert Mora, which was attended by thousands of police officers.

During his visit to the New York Police Department on Thursday, Sleepy Joe Biden did make a half-hearted admission that the “defund the police” movement isn’t “the answer.” He then went on to say the police need funding and the proper tools to defend the public.

Of course, those were obvious and self-explanatory truths up until recently, before the rise of the far-left, woke, Marxist “defund the police” movement.

Its consequences are already wreaking havoc on the security and public order in numerous Democrat-run communities across the country.

LELDF head Jason Johnson urged DAs on the local level to stand behind the police when the police are right.

He was categorical that unless “some leadership” is demonstrated by the White House, and the local authorities in different cities when it comes to law enforcement matters, crime will be spiking further and so will the murders of police officers.