CNN’s Fired Brian Stelter Airs a Final Deranged Broadcast

Brian Stelter has been the host of the CNN show, Reliable Sources, since 2013. The show actually started in 1993, back when the country was more politically sane; somehow, it’s continued up until today.

Though Stelter shepherded the show safely into oblivion, becoming well known among millions of Americans as a self-righteous hack without an honest bone in his body.

It wasn’t just that he was anti-Trump. Plenty of people were and are anti-Trump, including those on the right. The issue with Stelter went far deeper: his smug smirk, his self-righteous certainty that he was the “reliable source” when he was, in fact, a complete idiot.

Now, as of Sunday, Stelter is history and his last broadcast was a hoot.

Stelter Signs Off

In his sign-off, Stelter said it’s up to CNN and similar networks to be “strong” and resist the dangerous “liars” who are ruining America.

Does this guy seriously never look in the mirror? Scratch that: if I looked like him, I wouldn’t either.

In any case, he doesn’t seem to understand he is one of those liars who are making the country a worse place, or at least doesn’t care.

New CNN boss Chris Licht wants the network to stop being famous for how bad and biased it is; so, it makes sense that Stelter and his show are being shown the door at this point.

Nonetheless, news of the show’s cancellation must have come as a disappointment to the committed liberal.

Pushing Propaganda to the Very End

If nothing else, you have to admit Stelter is an admirably committed propagandist. He kept pushing out the nonsense until the very end, saying he’s been a voice for truth and reason during this dangerous time.

Stelter already wrote a book on how much he dislikes Trump and the Trump movement; so it’s not as if his position is unclear.

Regardless of his specific political beliefs, the man is from exactly the same corridor of connected imbeciles who think they have their finger on the pulse of the country when really they’re just wanking themselves.

Stelter, Jeffrey Toobin, former boss Jeff Zucker, and former anchor Chris Cuomo don’t know which direction is up.

They spend their time accusing conservatives with all sorts of false narratives and never once stop to consider the hate and division they are spreading.

Meanwhile, other hosts like Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon live in a fantasy world in which they are superheroes saving “democracy,” even as this country falls off a cliff and inflation runs out of control.

Bye Bye, Brian

Let’s all wish Brian Stelter the best of luck out there in his career search. If he can’t land a role in the news business, I heard that there may be a job as a baked potato mascot at the local steakhouse.

Best of luck, Brian!

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.