‘Clueless’ Biden Agrees with ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Slogan

Biden had a well-known reputation for gaffes throughout his 40 years in the Senate and as Obama’s vice president, but as president, his constant public blunders are causing direct reputational damage to the presidency.

Sleepy Joe Approves This Anti-Biden Message

Right on Christmas Eve, Biden made another gaffe, which seems to suggest he lives in relative isolation, potentially imposed on him by his aides and “caretakers”.

He declared live on air that he agrees with the slogan of “Let’s Go Brandon” – which is nothing but a euphemism for the anti-Biden chant of “F*** Joe Biden”.

This bizarre development occurred on Friday afternoon. Sleepy Joe and his First Lady and seemingly chief caretaker Jill participated in the live annual event for the holiday tracking of Santa Claus by NORAD (the North American Aerospace Defense Command).

During that live event, a man from Oregon called in. Biden told him to “have a wonderful Christmas.” The man, whose identity was not revealed at the time, retorted in kind.

He also wished Joe and Jill Biden a “wonderful Christmas.” The man then added, “Let’s Go Brandon!”

Sleepy Joe’s reply was, “Let’s Go Brandon. I agree.” It is impossible to know at this point what Sleepy Joe took the phrase to mean, but he didn’t seem to recognize it as an alternative for the obscene slogan directed against him.

Imagine a Protective White House Censorship Bubble

If Biden is truly unaware of the phrase’s meaning, that would prove he has been living in a White House bubble. “Let’s Go Brandon” has been basically the most popular quote on social media for nearly three months now.

Back in early October, a sports reporter for NBC News, Kelli Stavast, was covering a NASCAR race in Alabama. She was interviewing the winner, Brandon Brown, when there were clear “F*** Joe Biden” chants in the background.

Stavast pretended the audience was chanting, “Let’s Go Brandon”, to honor the race winner. The botched censorship attempt backfired so badly the new FJB slogan has literally conquered America.

It has been becoming more popular amid Biden’s increasingly bigger mess-ups. Sleepy Joe’s agreement with the “Let’s Go Brandon – F*** Joe Biden” message led numerous public figures to say on Twitter the Democrat president seems to be totally “clueless”.

Joe Gabriel Simonson, a reporter for the Washington Free Beacon, commented in turn there is a “50-50” chance Biden doesn’t know what is happening. He accused the mainstream liberal leftist media of being the caretakers of a man who is a “victim of elder abuse”.

Republican US House Rep. Andy Biggs of Arizona commented the Biden gaffe was Christmas arriving “a day early.” Analyst Michael Scott Doran asked (since Biden clearly hasn’t heard of Let’s Go Brandon) what else he might be unaware of.