Clinton ‘Committed Treason’ by Spying on Trump in ‘Bigger than Watergate’ Scandal

Hillary Clinton committed “treason” back in 2016 and 2017 when she spied for months on the computers of President Trump and the White House in order to frame Trump as a collaborator of Russia.

This scandalous revelation was made by Special Department of Justice Counsel John Durham.

A court motion filed by Durham on Friday against Michael Sussman exposed a plot involving Sussman and spearheaded by Internet entrepreneur Rodney Joffe.

The computer servers of Trump Tower, the Executive Office of the White House, and some other entities were infiltrated in order to “mine” data that could be used to frame Trump as a lackey of Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

‘Punishable by Death’

The lies about Trump and his 2016 campaign’s supposed “collusion” with Russia were spread far and wide, at the time, by the mainstream leftist media. Trump adamantly denied them and they have been widely discredited.

Judging from his statement on Saturday, Trump was clearly furious by the revelations that Clinton’s campaign spied on his computers for months in an attempt to smear him.

The spying scandal is exposed just as Clinton appears to be trying to make a political comeback to run for president for the third time in 2024.

In his statement, Trump made clear his understanding that even a severe legal crackdown on those responsible for spying on him and the US government wouldn’t be enough.

He said there should be reparations to the people who were damaged by the Clinton campaign.

‘Most Intricate and Coordinated Conspiracy’ Against Trump

Paradoxically enough, the latest court filing by John Durham shows that the Democrat Party and Hillary Clinton operatives engaged in the same type of computer spying they falsely accused the Trump campaign of.

According to Kash Patel, the House Intelligence Committee chief, the revelation by John Durham “definitely” shows the Clinton campaign ordered and directly funded its lawyers from the Perkins Coie law firm to “orchestrate a criminal enterprise”.

Its goal was to fabricate a connection that didn’t exist between Trump and the regime of Russian leader Vladimir Putin, Patel told Fox News.

President Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., even joked about the exposed scandalous actions of the Clinton campaign in 2016 and 2017.

He wrote on Twitter that Trump and the Republican National Committee “funded SIGINT collection” against the White House executive, “just like the Russians do” it. The oldest Trump son then said it is “TREASON”.

Later, Trump Jr. added he was “just kidding” and it was Hillary Clinton, plus a “big tech executive” who ended up doing this to his father while he was in office as president.

Towards the end, the oldest Trump son concluded by stating the Special Counsel, John Durham, is coming for the Clinton Democrats.