Christmas Trees Will be More Expensive in 2021

Inflation is the offshoot of rampant spending from the federal government. Unfortunately, despite the current harm endured by the economy, the levels of spending are not decreasing at the federal level. In fact, Biden is working harder than ever to push more expensive proposals into law.

This past Thanksgiving was more high-priced for Americans than it has been in past years. Turkey, for instance, cost more money, as did cranberries and other parts of the traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

Many Americans may have understandably hoped for this to be a one-off. Yet, sadly, that’s not the case. Breitbart News currently confirms the prices of Christmas trees will also be more expensive this year.

The Rise in Christmas Tree Costs

Per an Associated Press report, the costs for Christmas trees will surge by 10% to 30% in 2021. This rise will apply to both synthetic trees and real trees; however, to make matters worse, Christmas trees will also be harder and harder to come upon.

The development of Christmas trees takes between eight to ten years. However, as things currently stand, farmers are having a rougher time with increasing demand and dwindling supply. During 2009, farmers weren’t able to plant as many trees as they did in past years, as a result of a recession.

Meanwhile, the supply chain crisis is what’s largely driving up the prices of synthetic trees. These trees are made overseas and then shipped to the United States; however, the continuous backlogged ports and a lack of truckers are slowing down the process of these trees getting into stores.

The current rise in Christmas tree costs comes as everything else in the country gets to be more expensive. More Americans are getting priced out of various markets and therefore having to readjust their spending arrangements.

Now, some families may not even be able to have a Christmas tree to celebrate the holiday this go-around.

No Answers from the White House

Thus far, the White House remains mum about Christmas trees being more expensive this year. If and when the Biden administration does address this, they will likely try to downplay the trouble, just as they did with Thanksgiving turkeys being more costly.

Quite frankly, the White House owes Americans not only answers, but also solutions. The Biden administration needs to face the fact that the current inflation problems are of their own making.

The more the White House continues to get frivolous spending bills signed into law, the worse the economy will get. More and more Americans will continue to struggle and be unable to afford the basics.

What do you think about the news that Christmas trees will be more expensive this year, due to both inflation and holdups with the supply chain?