China, Russia Will Simultaneously Attack US Allies, GOP Rep. Predicts

America’s top two global enemies, China and Russia, are going to attack American allies simultaneously, according to a top congressional Republican.

According to GOP Rep. Michael McCaul, who is the top Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, China is going to invade Taiwan to seek to conquer and annex it. Meanwhile, Russia is going to invade Ukraine for the same purpose.

China, Russia Predicted to Attack in February

It remains an open questions whether these invasions by China and Russia will be coordinated.

However, McCaul’s prediction suggests both attacks will nevertheless occur within a month or so.

The Biden administration has failed miserably in dissuading both the Chinese and Russian autocrats from waging war on the respective American allies.

McCaul declared, as cited by The Washington Examiner, that his “prediction” is for an imminent Russian invasion of Ukraine; China is projected to wait until after the end of the upcoming Beijing Olympics to invade Taiwan.

The 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, China’s capital, are taking place from February 4 until February 20.

Therefore, this leaves the last week of February, or maybe the beginning of March, as the time for Xi Jinping’s attack on Taiwan, according to McCaul’s prediction.

China Has ‘Gotten So Aggressive’

China has been allowed to host the Winter Olympics, in spite of its egregious human rights abuses.

This notably includes the genocide it’s committing right now against Uyghur Muslims in Northwest China.

Many of these people are sent to concentration camps to be brainwashed and forcibly sterilized.

Therefore, the United States and several other nations, such as the UK and Australia, are staging diplomatic boycotts of the Beijing Olympics.

McCaul declared China has become “so provocative” and “so aggressive” in the region of the South China Sea that, for them, it’s imminent for the world to witness their invasion of Taiwan.

On Thursday, GOP Rep. Mike Gallagher introduced in the House of Representatives the Arm Taiwan Act.

This piece of legislation stipulates the US provides $3 billion per year in military aid to Taiwan, under what is called a Taiwan Security Assistance Initiative.

The purpose of the military aid, as defined by the bill, would be to deny the Chinese Communist regime the ability to destroy and/or seize the democratic, self-ruling US ally, Taiwan.

In his statement on the bill, Gallagher reminded that Chinese autocrat Xi Jinping considers the “unification” of mainland China and Taiwan one of his future legacies.

Russia and China, respectively the regimes of Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, have been collaborating closely on the international arena for years now.

This is why it would be no surprise if they attack at the same time or almost the same time.

It would throw the already weak administration of Joe Biden in complete disarray and gigantic humiliation, not to mention the potential devastating loss of geopolitical positions.