China Preparing For Aerial Military Combat With US

China is expanding its military activities in the Asia-Pacific region as the communist nation continues to retaliate against the United States for Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.

Now, China is sending its fighter jets and bombers for joint military drills in Thailand. This will include the bombing of mock targets and large-scale military deployment using the jets.

China Ready to Conduct More Military Drills

The new military drills of China came after the naval exercises of the Chinese military, which were started right after Pelosi’s departure from Taiwan.

Named Falcon Strikes 2022, these drills also depict the failed foreign policy of the Biden administration.

Even though US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin visited Thailand in June and claimed the US is maintaining an unparalleled alliance with Thailand, the country is now preferring to maintain ties with China, compared to the US.

Reportedly, the Chinese military wants to prepare itself against the recent announcement of the United States Strategic Command (STRATCOM) chief, Chas Richard.

Richard claimed the US is aggressively working to increase its nuclear deterrence capability to address the rising military ambitions of Russia and China. 

Richard added the United States is facing an unprecedented nuclear crisis in history; two heavily nuclear-armed countries, China and Russia, are posing a threat to America at the same time.

Furthermore, Richard argued even though the US managed to avoid a nuclear clash with Russia in the wake of the Russia-Ukraine crisis, China is emerging as the biggest nuclear adversary after Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.

Although the Biden administration explicitly stated Pelosi’s visit does not represent America’s change in policy towards Taiwan, China is still disturbing the peace of the region, Richard added.

Military Buildup in the Asia-Pacific Region

Strategic experts suggest the Chinese military establishment was worried, due to the recent annual military drills of the US and Indonesia.

While the Super Garuda Shield drills are conducted every year, this time, the event was distinguished by the involvement of 14 countries. This includes Japan, Australia, and Singapore.

This prompted China to collaborate with Thailand to announce its own aerial exercises. Continuous military ambitions of the Chinese communist government are also likely to disturb the flow of trade in the whole world.

The Taiwan strait, which is the new military playground for Chinese forces, is only 130 km wide at its narrowest point. It is a passage of various ships going towards the Asian and European markets.

In case China continues to block the strait, the global supply chain crisis will worsen with time, thus bringing a new wave of inflation all across the globe.

These ongoing warring ambitions of both the US and China are also expected to increase the political temperature at the first face-to-face meeting of Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Both of them are scheduled to meet in November at either the G-7 summit or the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.