Chicago’s Woke Mayor Mocked for Kwanzaa, COVID Video with Her Wife

Chicago’s overtly woke Mayor Lori Lightfoot and her wife, Amy Eshleman, released a celebratory message dedicated to Kwanzaa.

However, in most of the two-minute video, Lightfoot and her wife are giving recommendations for vaccines, masks, and social gatherings during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Both of them were clearly reading their comments, but Eshleman, in particular, can be seen struggling to keep up with the pace of the teleprompter.

The weird-looking, pro-woke video was quickly ridiculed on Twitter and other social media sites, with one user suggesting this might be a skit from “Saturday Night Live.”

Created by Somebody Who Shouldn’t Be Celebrated

Kwanzaa is a controversial holiday because it is associated with violent black nationalism.

It was established in 1966 by Maulana Karenga (birth name Ronald McKinley Everett), who is also the founder of the US Organization, a black nationalist group in violent conflict with the Black Panthers in the 1960s and 1970s.

Maulana Karenga, presently a professor at California State University, is a controversial figure. In 1971, he was convicted of kidnapping and torturing two black women, and served four years in prison.

A poll back in 2015 found Kwanzaa was marked by about 1.9% of the American population. In their “happy Kwanzaa” video message, Chicago’s woke mayor and her wife stated the principles of the holiday mean embracing “unity and cooperation.”

The rest of the video was almost entirely dedicated to “well-meaning” recommendations and advice about how to behave during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Twitter users were quickly to lambast both the Kwanzaa video – with its message about “uplifting and protecting” your neighbors – and the mayor herself, considering that it comes against the backdrop of spiking crime in Chicago.

A number of social media users attacked the mayor and her wife over promoting Kwanzaa, since Karenga isn’t someone “who should be celebrated.”

One user reminded that he was convicted of “torturing two women”, while another cited an LA Times report from 1971, detailing that Karanga made the kidnapping victims strip, beat them with various objects, and put various things in their mouths.

The user asked which of Kwanzaa’s principles the holiday’s creator was following when he did that. Another user claimed to have been a former student of Karenga.

He wrote that his former professor invented the holiday before he was imprisoned for beating two females “with toasters”. Karanga has been denying any guilt, and alleging his sentencing is politically motivated.

Before her Kwanzaa video, for Christmas Chicago Mayor Lightfoot tweeted a photo of her family. (Chicago Mayor’s Twitter Profile)

‘Permanent State of Chaos’

However, the overwhelming majority of posts ridiculing the video lashed out at the mayor because of the growing crime and her failure to do anything significant.

Thus, one other Twitter users replied to the Kwanzaa + COVID video by asking how many homicides were in Chicago this past weekend. Another one declared the Windy City had seen seven carjackings since the mayor’s video tweet.

Numerous others posted messages saying nobody is safe – or happy – in Chicago, and there should be a lot more “justice and policing”.

While one user compared the Kwanzaa + COVID video of the lesbian first couple of Chicago to an SNL skit, another proclaimed the principles of the holiday should include stuff such as “not committing murder”, “obeying the law”, and not being “bitter and angry.”

The same user described Chicago’s condition under Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s rule as a “permanent state of chaos”.