Canadian Truckers’ Freedom Protests Spread Around the World

“Freedom Protests” against governments crushing the rights and freedoms of their citizens under the guise of COVID mitigation strategies are spreading like wildfire around the globe.

This follows the example of the Canadian truckers, whose Freedom Convoy has managed to bring the capital Ottawa to a standstill.

Contagious Example

Canada’s trucker Freedom Convoy came from all around the country to protest the vaccine dictates of the government of leftist Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The main convoy spanned 50 miles and many of the truckers drove more than 2,000 miles to attend their peaceful protest in Ottawa.

Now, similar, trucker-led protests have started to pop up all around the globe, including in the United States, the UK, the Netherlands, Australia, and New Zealand.

In the United States, a group of truckers is planning a similar protest by heading to Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.

Brian Brase, one of the organizers of the US trucker protest, told Fox News that “freedom convoys” are becoming a “big global movement.” This is going to end the COVID-19 vaccination mandates, since they are a violation of human rights.

Brase made it clear that those who want the vaccines should be able to get them, but forcing the shots upon free citizens in the United States or elsewhere is “wrong”.

He noted that on February 2, Facebook shut down an event page for a trucker freedom protest in the US called “Convoy to DC 2022”, which had 140,000 participants.

Brase revealed that the organizers of the US protest are being contacted by trucking companies from all across the nation; the sheer number of participants in the US Freedom Convoy will likely surpass the one in Canada.

He declared American truckers are proud of their “Canadian brothers and sisters” for inspiring people all around the world to stand up against the COVID-19 dictates.

The organizer enumerated several countries from which he has been contacted in solidarity: the UK, Germany, Australia, Norward, Switzerland, and Finland. Brase declared truck drivers are clearly “uniting worldwide”.

‘Abuse by Bureaucratic Tyrants’

In Australia, the organizers of the trucker-inspired protest have urged five million people to descend upon the capital Canberra before the Australian Parliament comes back to work on February 8.

In New Zealand, trucker freedom convoys were started in the country’s both ends.

However, reports say many protesters from the South Island won’t be able to reach Wellington because of the vaccination requirement to ride the ferry between New Zealand’s two main islands.

Several European countries are also seeing trucker freedom convoys in the making, with one social media group organizing the protest consisting of 40,000 members.

Truckers in EU member states are encouraged to first drive to the capitals of their countries on February 7; then, on February 14, they should drive for a large protest in Brussels, Belgium.

In the Netherlands, a trucker freedom convoy was already started on Sunday in Leeuwarden with 25 trucks and numerous tractors, cars, and other vehicles.

In Austria, which had the most forceful COVID vaccination dictate, with everybody obliged to get a vaccine or face a fine of up to $4,000, about 2,500 trucks are expected to drive to the capital Vienna on February 13.

A large freedom convoy is planned in the UK, starting in Glasgow, Scotland, with other conveys launching simultaneously in other points before reaching London.

According to Jay Cameron from the Canadian Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms, the organization representing the Canadian Freedom Convoy in the courts, “there is no mystery” why the trucker-inspired protests are spreading.

Humanity, as a whole, is opposed to the “abuse by bureaucratic tyrants” who managed in the past two years to suspend all “checks and balances” designed to protect free citizens.