Canadian Politician Gets Attacked by a Bee

Canada is not a very interesting country, to put it mildly. Apart from the divisions between English and French Canada, it’s basically just America-lite if you took away the red states.

However, during COVID, Canada became slightly more interesting in a negative sense.

Its leader, Justin Trudeau, went on a totalitarian bender, imposing some of the strictest lockdown and vaccine rules in the world. He began giving creepy authoritarian speeches about not “tolerating” the unvaccinated.

One of Trudeau’s sidekicks in his WEF-backed mission was the supposedly “conservative” leader of the Canadian province of Ontario, a man named Doug Ford.

Well, recently Ford got his comeuppance after he was attacked by a bee. Yes, you read that right.

Ford Gets Rushed By a Bee

If Doug Ford’s name sounds familiar, it might not just be from him flip-flopping on voters and locking his residents in their houses.

It’s also because Ford’s late brother, Rob Ford, made a bit of a splash in the American media for being on film smoking crack cocaine. He was also caught saying bizarre things that got late-night hosts laughing and got American attention.

As I said, when anything interesting or controversial does actually happen in Canada, it makes headlines!

In any case, this time around, Doug Ford was giving a speech about healthcare when a bee flew directly into his mouth and caused him to start choking and swallowing it.

The video has gotten all of Canada laughing and is spreading like wildfire because, well, it’s hilarious.

This stocky blond fool is crowing his mouth off when a bee dive bombs right into his throat and he steps back from the mic in shock. “Christ!” Ford yells, as he explains to the crowd that he just ate a bee.

The Bees Are Coming!

Ford takes a drink of water after swallowing the bee and then makes a joke about how the video of the incident will probably make quite a big splash.

He may be wrong about a lot of other things, but Ford is right about this! The video of a bee going down his “hatch” is already going mega-viral and is one of the best things I have ever seen.

Maybe the world would be a lot better off if more of these globalist politicians got to have similar meet and greets with bees.

Just Bee Cool

On the plus side, Ford honestly did handle this pretty well. None of us would be totally cool with a bee flying down our throat in the middle of a speech, but he shook it off and continued his remarks.

That deserves some respect, at least. It’s worth pondering how Trudeau would have reacted if something similar happened to him.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.