California Could Be Sued Over Upcoming Ban on Gas-fueled Cars

The Democrat Party’s push to make widespread driving of electric vehicles the new normal isn’t panning out so well.

Earlier this week, a new poll revealed that less than one-third of Americans believe trading in their gas-fueled cars for electric vehicles is realistic. Meanwhile, more than half of the country believes this plan is ultimately not practical.

Various charging stations across the nation that are specifically designed for electric vehicles have become notorious for running into issues, which bodes poorly for phasing out gas-fueled cars.

California, nevertheless, is planning to completely prohibit the sales of cars fueled by gas once 2035 arrives. According to The Hill, this sort of policy could bring legal issues to the Golden State.

Not So Fast, California

The ultimate endgame of California shutting down the sales of gas-fueled cars is to make everyone drive an electric vehicle.

In spite of this, the Clean Air Act could pose issues for the left-wing state. This law does give California the freedom to set its own regulations regarding vehicle emissions.

However, the law furthermore notes that other states may not set in place their own regulations of this nature.

Because of this, California’s going to need to submit a waiver to the Environmental Protection Agency in order to implement various rules. The agency has leeway to reject this waiver if California’s application is found to be dictatorial or whimsical.

A future, GOP-led White House could remove any waivers from California that are approved by the current administration, though.

Moreover, Republican states who aren’t on board with California’s approach towards gas-fueled cars could issue lawsuits against the Environmental Protection Agency that approves a waiver from the Golden State.

A Policy With Poor Timing

The many issues associated with electric vehicles have yet to be addressed. The cars are still far more expensive than many Americans can afford.

Their charging stations have yet to be fixed so they’re all working and effective for drivers. Meanwhile, just earlier this week, California asked people to hold off on electric vehicle charging, due to issues with the electric grid.

Many Americans warned this doesn’t bode well for a future California where people are pigeonholed into only using electric vehicles.

At the end of the day, there’s been no announcement from California or Democrats in general about how they’re going to fix these problems.

This, too, will be an asset to Republicans if they decide to bring legal action against California’s policies regarding electric vehicle usage.

Do you think California is going to face legal problems over its work to phase out the use of gas-powered cars? In the comments area down below, you’re more than welcome to let us know what you think about this.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.