California Becoming ‘Third World Country’, Democrat Governor Admits

The misguided ideology-based policies of the Democrat Party are taking a terrifying toll.

California Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom is now admitting his state is beginning to resemble a “third world country.”

Democrats’ ‘Zero-Cash Bail’ Policies Bear Rotten Fruit

In the recent months in particular, California has been experiencing a shocking spike in various kinds of crime.

Criminals openly demonstrate how aware they are of the impunity bestowed upon them by woke “justice reform.”

The overtness of the crimes ranges from murder to the skyrocketing smash-and-grab or deliver railroad burglaries.

The latter has led a retail security expert to warn that rampant retail theft may push the entire US economy into a recession.

Some of the most shocking crime-related images out of California were shared last week on Twitter by a LA-based photo journalist, John Schreiber.

This revealed the result of rampant burglaries of railroad cars carrying packages from Amazon, UPS, FedEx and the like.

His viral footage showed a section of a Union Pacific railroad in LA’s Lincoln Heights neighborhood that was fully littered, as a result of the delivery thefts.

That was precisely the location where California’s Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom showed up on Thursday to participate in a public clean-up.

Now, even the most high-ranking Democrats are aware of the total and miserable failure of their progressivist and woke policies, such as “bail reform” and “criminal justice reform.”

California and other states long dominated by the Democrats have been trying to implement “zero-cash bail” policies for lower-level offenses.

Meanwhile, criminals feel empowered by impunity, instead of “correcting” themselves.

Newsom Hit with Yet Another Harsh Truth

As California’s governor joined a crew from the state’s Department of Transportation to clean up packages discarded by railroad retail thieves, he declared the crimes to be “unacceptable.”

That was when Newsom admitted to the reporters on the site that the area in question looks like “a third world country”, as cited by FOX 11.

Later on, the Democrat governor made a commitment to prosecuting the perpetrators of the impudent railroad retail thefts.

Newsom asked a number of rhetorical questions about how to secure the site that he was demonstratively helping to clean up.

Then, he also called upon the public to focus on rail cars as well when it comes to the supply chain topic.

The California governor declared “this is the supply chain” as well, as he was pointing to the railroad tracks.

Against this backdrop, California Republicans reiterated their scathing criticism of the “progressive” policies of “zero-cash bail.”

Scott Wilk, the top Republican in the California state Senate, told AP the criminals have already learned well how to exploit the woke policies of the state’s Democrat rulers for their own gain.