BREAKING: Hurricane Ian Death Toll Climbs Rapidly As Storm Surges

This Thursday, Florida woke up very differently from other sunny days of the past. Hurricane Ian has been ravaging through the state, causing untold damage and reportedly “hundreds” of deaths.

Many neighborhoods are underwater with houses destroyed and rotted by flooding, while sunken cars, fallen bridges and flooded ports all will require years of repair.

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The exact death toll is not yet known, but what is clear is Hurricane Ian is the worst storm to hit Florida in decades.

Massive Destruction and Property Loss

The scale of Ian’s devastating destruction is gigantic. It may be difficult to calculate all the losses on a calculator.

The human cost is even worse. According to Lee County Sheriff Carmine Maceno, “hundreds” are already confirmed dead; this number is expected to rise sharply in the coming days as more bodies are found.

According to the sheriff, many people are still waiting to be rescued, but unfortunately many of these people are in areas of risk and difficult to access. The result is a lot of folks have drowned.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is taking the hurricane very seriously as well. He says this will go down as one of the worst natural disaster’s in all of Florida’s history; this is an intense test of his leadership during a very difficult time.

Some Places Are Wiped Off the Map

At this time, only 20% of electricity works normally throughout the state of Florida. Some neighborhoods have been wiped off the map and completely flooded.

Lee County Manager Roger Desjarlais says he’s worried about how bad the damage will turn out to be. County commissioner Kevin Ruane said he’s especially concerned because no electricity is making it harder to rescue county residents who are stranded by the storm.

Some hospital emergency rooms are also underwater, which makes it even more difficult to treat and care for those impacted by the storm. Some prisoners have also had to be transferred to prisons on higher ground or away from the hurricane’s path.

Joe Biden’s declaration of a federal emergency made it clear this was not going to be just another small storm. There’s no doubt Florida is going through a deeply devastating time as a state.

The storm is set to remain strong until Florida when it will also make landfall in South Carolina and Georgia. Folks in these regions should also be following local advisories and preparing.

As we have seen, the storm continues and with it, the danger and damage to all. Ian is not yet down wreaking havoc; maximum preparation and caution is advised at this time.

Florida Strong

Stay safe, Florida. We’re all on your side and thinking of you.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.