Border Patrol Agents’ Wives Take Matters Into Their Own Hands

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After more than a year of not attending to the growing issue of border security, it’s become evident that the Biden administration isn’t planning on fixing the crisis. This signals it’s time for civilians to take matters into their own hands.

While they won’t be doing work as agents, three Hispanic women, all married to Border Patrol agents, have decided to contribute to the cause. They are running as Republicans in their own districts against the Democrats that enabled these open-border policies.

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Border crisis spirals out of control, prompting agents’ wives to intervene

According to the three women, they’re dedicated to giving a voice to the 20k federal law enforcement agents who have successfully apprehended 3.6 million illegal immigrants during Biden’s term alone.

One of the three wives already made her way into Congress, though. Mayra Flores already won an election in Texas’ 34th Congressional District this year, which is not to say her November race won’t be a challenge.

Even though the odds may have been stacked against her in the past, Biden’s poor performance as commander-in-chief helped Flores tap into Latino frustration with the Democrats and their agenda, slamming them for their poor management of border security.

When interviewed by the Washington Examiner, Flores stated the border situation is completely out of control. She added it’s much more than just a humanitarian crisis.

National security is also at risk, due to the agents not having time to focus on the terrorists that enter the US.

The wall wasn’t such a bad idea after all

Cassy Garcia, on the other hand, managed to beat out six other Republicans in the preliminaries, getting her shot to replace Democrat Rep. Henry Cuellar in her own district, where he’s been a mainstay for the past 17 years.

While Cuellar himself has been part of some protests against unsanctioned illegal immigration, he’s made it very clear he’s against any sort of fence on the border, which seems to be a recurring motif with the Democrats.

Five years ago, during the Trump administration, Cuellar claimed the former president was threatening a governmental shutdown just to build his border wall. Its construction, hilariously enough, was proposed to be finished by none other than the Biden administration.

Sadly, without a wall to prevent immigrants from flowing in effortlessly, life has been made much harder for agents like Garcia’s husband, who’s been on the Border Patrol force for the past 26 years.

Garcia also spared no time in mocking the current administration for their handling of the crisis, stating she was appalled to hear the White House appointed Vice President Kamala Harris to investigate the “root cause” of illegal immigration.

Fortunately for her, the answer is clear as day; statistics have shown the border crisis became exponentially worse when Biden’s open border policies were put into place.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.