Border Control Captures 12 Possible Terrorists

As officers deal with an unprecedented migrant influx at the border, Border Patrol halted a dozen people whose names are on the FBI’s Terrorist Screening Database (TSDB) in August.

This raises the tally for the fiscal year to a figure that is triple the preceding five fiscal years altogether.

There have been 12 people Border Patrol confronted between ports of entry whose names are linked to the TSDB, according to new information provided by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) this week.

The TSDB contains details about the identities of individuals who have been identified or “reasonably suspected” of participating in terrorist activities.

2022 Sees Triple the Amount of Arrests

With two months left in the fiscal year, August’s arrests raise the total for FY 22 to 78, thus far. This is three times as much as the previous five years put together.

It leaves out those who might have been amongst approximately 500,000 escapes – illegal immigrants who sneaked past Border Patrol personnel – this fiscal year.

However, it represents just a small portion of the hundreds of thousands of migrants who cross the border every month.

The data has been used by Republicans to demonstrate the possible danger to national security at the border and the necessity for increased border security.

Before the Biden administration began publishing the figures on the CBP website in May, Republicans on the House Homeland Security Committee pressed for the information to be made public once more.

Border Crisis Out of Control

CBP officers have come into contact with 342 identified or suspected terrorists at ports of entry throughout the northern and southern borders so far.

There were 279 at the northern border and 63 at the southern border of those. Since FY 19, when there were 538 such contacts, that number has increased the most.

The most recent figures came as CBP reported there were 203,598 migrant interactions overall at the southern border in August. This is up from 199,976 in July, but down from the 209,840 encounters in August of last year.

Of the 203,598, officials said only 157,921 included a single incident with a migrant; the remainder involved individuals who had several run-ins with authorities and had already been ejected or deported.

The number of interactions with migrants from Mexico and Central America fell for the third month in a row, making up barely 36% of all encounters.

Totalitarian regimes in Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua accounted for 55,333 interactions, a 175% rise over the previous year.

This fiscal year, there have been approximately 2.1 million encounters with migrants at the border. Republicans criticized the Biden administration for undoing Trump-era border security protocols and boosting interior release rates.

The Biden administration asserted the border is “secure” on numerous occasions. It says it is striving to repair the lawful asylum avenues allegedly destroyed by the previous administration.

According to FBI Director Christopher Wray, the southern border has “serious security challenges.”

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.