Bloody Tyrant Putin Subdued on ‘Victory Day’

(TV snapshot)

Russia’s murderous tyrant, Vladimir Putin, appeared terribly subdued and somewhat sickly.

This was during his appearance on Monday’s large-scale military parade in Moscow, celebrating the Russian “Victory Day” in World War II.

Big Doomsday Expectations Luckily Prove Unfounded

May 9 marks the capitulation anniversary of Nazi Germany at the end of World War II before the former Soviet Union back in 1945.

On February 24, 75 days ago, Putin sent some 200,000 soldiers to invade Ukraine.

Instead of crumbling in 72 hours, as his regime hoped, Ukrainians have been beating back Russia’s once-dreaded military all over the map.

Putin’s alleged fury failed to force his troops to score any kind of a victory or breakthrough ahead of May 9’s “Victory Day.”

As May 9 was approaching, there were varied predictions from analysts and observers that Putin might use the symbolic date in order to dramatically escalate the war in Ukraine.

The predictions included announcing full-scale mobilization to put millions of Russian men under arms or even launching a nuclear attack against the West.

(TV snapshot)

Just the Usual Anti-Western Tirade with Smaller Parade

None of that occurred on Monday.

Putin seemed quite muted and reserved. His “World War II Victory Day” still included the typical anti-western propaganda clichés parroted by him and his regime stooges for years.

In his address on the Red Square near the Kremlin in Moscow’s downtown, Putin shamelessly lied to the Russian soldiers in Ukraine and elsewhere.

The former KGB chief, who has ruled Russia almost single-handedly since 2000, sought to turn around reality by lying about “de-escalation” and Ukrainians supposedly being Nazis.

What is more, Putin claimed that invading Ukraine was nothing but the “only right decision” for him to have made.

Alongside parroting the “inevitability” of the “non-war” in Ukraine, the Russian mass-murdering dictator declared there is a day of “great victory” lying ahead for Russia.

Even as his rhetoric was aggressive, but not more so than usual, Putin’s May 9 parade underscored further that he behaved far more subdued than expected.

Thus, Russia’s 2022 Victory Day Parade in Moscow featured about 30% fewer military vehicles, compared with last year’s.

Even more striking, the parade didn’t feature Putin’s nuclear war “doomsday” plane, which was showcased during the rehearsal two days earlier.

Its absence was explained by unfavorable weather conditions, but observers are construing this as a toning-down of the aggressive nuclear war threats out of the Kremlin.

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s courageous leader, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, put out a video address to mark the former Soviet Union’s victory against Nazi Germany, to which the Ukrainians contributed greatly.

In the video showing him walking in downtown Kyiv, he told his nation it won back then against the Nazis, and it is going to win now against the Russian invaders from the east.