BLM Tangled in New Scandal as Leader Accused of Stealing $10 Million

Black Lives Matter has been jolted by a new money scandal after local chapters accused the leader of the central body, Shalomyah Bowers, of siphoning off $10 million from donations to enrich himself.

$100 Million Donations and Pile of Scandals

The Black Lives Matters organization has been tangled in a number of high-profile scandals with the purchase of high-end mansions and the alleged mishandling of tens of millions of dollars.

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Many of the issues have revolved around one of the three co-founders and its main face, Patrisse Cullors.

She had to resign last year as head of BLMGNF (BLM Global Network Foundation), due to public indignation after amassing a lavish property portfolio worth $3.2 million.

Her self-portrayal as a victim of lavish charitable donations came after she was exposed to have used some of the BLMGNF money to buy luxury mansions on BLM’s behalf.

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‘Following Our White Oppressors’

Now, Shalomyah Bowers, the new leader of the Global Network Foundation of BLM, has been accused of siphoning off $10 million from the group’s donations in an official lawsuit.

The lawsuit by 26 grassroots chapters of Black Lives Matter claims Bowers used the massive amount of money in question for personal expenses.

The legal action was filed by BLMGR (Black Lives Matter Grassroots) in the County Superior Court in Los Angeles.

BLMGR, which is an umbrella organization for local chapters of BLM across the country, claimed the chapters have been “defrauded” by Bowers, as cited by Fox News.

The lawsuit argues the head of BLMGNF has been using their donations as a “personal piggy bank” for his own “unjust enrichment.”

The lawsuit also described him as a “rogue administrator,” as well as a “middleman turned usurper.”

It said his actions brought about an investigation of the central body by the Internal Revenue Service; in less than 18 months, he managed to blaze “a path of irreparable harm” for the movement.

BLMGR also accused the head of BLMGNF of hanging out in “cushy offices” to devise “fraud schemes,” while workers of the movement have been “risking their lives on the street.”

The head of BLMGR, Melina Abdullah, who is a co-founder of the BLM chapter in LA, stated at a press conference recently that “consultants” have taken over the BLM name and its social media platforms.

In response to the lawsuit, the board of directors of BLMGNF issued a long release, denying any wrongdoing, along with calling BLMGR and Abdullah’s accusations “false,” “devoid of reality,” and “slanderous.”

It said the accusers have fallen “victim” to the “social violence” and “cancerous logic” “fueling the legal system,” and are following in the footsteps of “our white oppressors.”

Bowers has been a close associate of Patrisse Cullors and ended up taking over after she resigned in May 2021.

In the meantime, from July 2020 – June 2021, BLMGNF gave Bowers Consulting – Bowers’ firm – a total of $2.1 million for various services.