BLM Tangled in Fresh Scandal After Buying Overpriced, Secret Mansion

(Snapshot by social media footage from Patrisse Cullors)

The founders of the main Black Lives Matter organization continue to exhibit a typical lack of morals and enjoy lives of sinful luxury at the cost of the “masses.”

They’re doing this while scandalously preaching to those same “masses” about social justice.

BLM, whose founders hit the jackpot by capitalizing on public outrage over the death of George Floyd, has been tangled in numerous scandals over donations, luxury priorities, and enjoying lavish lifestyles.

More recently, this included revelations about using $6.3 million in donations to buy a communist mansion in Toronto, Canada.

$2.7 Million in Six Days

The latest property scandal of BLM involves a nearly $6 million mansion in Los Angeles, which used to be visited by Humphrey Bogart and Marilyn Monroe.

BLM bought the mansion from a real estate developer who works for the movement’s founder, Patrisse Cullors, and her wife, paying him $5.8 million. Just days earlier, the developer bought the same property for only $3.1 million, The Daily Mail reported.

The report quotes ethics experts as saying the case “raises serious questions.”

There are far bigger sums at play with BLM, though. In February 2021, the central body of the organization said it raised over $90 million in donations the previous year, with $60 million still on hand.

However, the organizational leadership of the group has been extremely murky, and there have been serious accountability questions with respect to the vast sum in question.

The most well-known of the BLM co-founders, “trained Marxist” Patrisse Cullors, resigned as head of the BLM Global Network Foundation back in May 2021 after being exposed for shopping luxury properties in bulk.


(Snapshot by social media footage from Patrisse Cullors)

Invoking Racism Against Criticism

Enjoying riches, particularly embezzled ones, has been in the tradition of Marxist-Communist leaders, such as Lenin, Stalin, and Mao.

Wokeism is a particularly perfidious sub-section of Marxism-Communism that has been ripping through the fabric of the American public.

On Wednesday, Cullors was another case in hand when she rushed to characterize any questioning of the highly suspicious purchase as nothing short of “racist and sexist.”

According to her convenient explanation, the mansion bought with BLM donations money for twice the price her real estate developer paid days earlier will become “a safe space” for black artists, creatives, and “thought leaders.”

She argued the purchase and its scandalously inflated price was not disclosed to the American public because the property is in need of renovation, as though one has anything to do with the other.

On top of everything, she called the investigation of the New York Magazine, which is actually a far-left media outlet, “a despicable abuse” of its media platform.

She then accused the author of being racist towards black people and biased against her, in particular.