Blinken Rushes to Ukraine, as Russia May Attack from Three Sides

The Biden administration is dispatching its secretary of state and former aide, Antony Blinken, on an emergency trip to Ukraine. This comes as the US ally could be about to be attacked by Russia from three sides, any day now.

The US intelligence community recently concluded that Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin sent into Ukraine special forces to stage a “false-flag” provocation to use as a pretext for war.

The Biden Administration’s Empty Words

At the end of last year, the Putin regime demanded from the United States and its NATO allies impossible security concessions in Eastern Europe, apparently sensing the foreign policy weakness of Joe Biden.

The Russian demands have naturally been flatly rejected over last week’s US-Russia and NATO-Russia negotiations.

Putin has been amassing over 100,000 troops at the Ukrainian border; many believe he is about to make good on his implicit threats to just attack, destroy, and possibly annex Ukraine.

Biden made it clear he is not going to help Ukraine in any way militarily, in the event of a Russian attack, not even by supplying them with badly needed weapons.

Instead, in his last conversation with Putin on December 8, 2021, Biden threatened Moscow with crippling economic sanctions.

According to the announcement of the State Department, Blinken is leading “diplomatic efforts to de-escalate” the spiking tensions between the West and Russia caused by the latter’s “military build-up.”

Britain is the Only One Sending Help

The threat of an attack through Ukraine’s northern border, which isn’t far from the capital Kyiv, is raised as Russia started to send large-scale military detachments to Belarus. This is supposedly for joint military drills and live-fire exercises.

As soon as Belarusian autocrat and Putin ally, Alexander Lukashenko, announced the joint military exercises with Russia will be held next month, Russian military convoys began arriving in Belarus by road and railroad.

The Lukashenko regime has recently taken a more aggressive stance towards Ukraine because of what it says is a Ukrainian military build-up along the Ukraine-Belarus border.

However, the latter seems to be nothing more than a precaution against a potential Russian attack through Belarus.

On Monday night, the UK became the only Western nation to send small, but tangible, emergency military support to Ukraine.

Two means of transport came from the British Royal Air Force. They were brought to the Ukrainians anti-tank missile systems, together with British troops, who are to teach the Ukrainian forces how to employ them in the event of a Russian attack.

The British deployment was announced by the UK’s Defense Secretary, Ben Wallace, who declared it has been brought about by Russia’s “increasingly threatening behavior”, as cited by The Daily Mail.

He described the arms delivered to Ukraine as “light, anti-armor, defensive systems.” He also warned Putin not to go for what would likely end up being a “very, very bloody war.”