Bird Poops on Biden as He Vows to Lower Gas Prices by $0.10

In one of the more entertaining, but also highly symbolical, moments of his White House tenure, President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden got pooped on by a bird.

This happened while he was giving a speech, promising to reduce gas prices by $0.10 a gallon.

Bird Expresses Strong Views of Biden’s Inflation Policies

The bird’s “eloquent” act of defiance for Sleepy Joe has been construed by many as a metaphor, expressing what many American voters think of his so-called policy to tackle spiking inflation.

Empty Shelves Joe was giving a speech at a fuel plant in Iowa on Tuesday when a local bird of an unknown species seem to relieve itself on his left lapel.

Biden was visiting a POET bioprocessing center located in Menlo, Iowa, which he joked is a “giant barn”.

A white substance – apparently bird poo – fell on Biden’s jacket when he was speaking about how the rural regions of the United States should be “at the center” of the efforts for a “future made in America”

The bird poo land right above the American flag pin that Sleepy Joe was wearing.

It actually missed his forehead by a couple of inches, leading many social media users to remark how remarkable a sight the bird’s act of relieving itself would have been, had it not missed.

Other users cracked jokes on Twitter about how the bird must have known that Biden “is full of s—t.”

Some noted the incident is reminiscent of the time when former Vice President Mike Pence had a fly on his head for more than a minute while he was debating Biden’s future veep, Kamala Harris, during the 2020 election.

White House is Denying Everything, as Usual

During his speech, which went on for a full 22 minutes after he got pooped on, Empty Shelves Joe announced a plan for extending the availability of E15 from June 1 until September 15.

This is a type of gasoline with a 15% ethanol blend.

The type of gasoline in question is somewhat cheaper, compared with the E10 blend; however, its sale is usually forbidden during the summer because of its high volatility in the heat.

Nearly 99% of all US gasoline has ethanol content, usually of the E10 type, which is 90% gasoline and 10% ethanol.

E15, which contains 15% ethanol, is now going to be allowed for sale in the summer months in an attempt to reduce gas prices, which surged to $4.10 per gallon on average across the US.

Despite the obvious bird poop incident during Biden’s ethanol speech in Iowa, his staff took their typical approach of adamantly denying everything, including apparent things.

Thus, the White House bizarrely claimed the bird poop that landing on Biden’s shoulder was actually some kind of corn.