Big Tech Censored 808 COVID-19 Stories, Media Watchdog Finds

The pro-leftist, big tech companies controlling respective social media networks censored a total of 808 various major stories about COVID-19.

Censoring Practically Anybody

The crucial COVID-19 stories have been censored by Facebook (now Meta), Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Ads, and TikTok.

The censored topics in question are of incredible importance and refer to matters such as the Chinese laboratory origin of coronavirus, vaccine and mask mandates in the United States, and other pandemic-era government policies.

This censorship has been revealed by the Media Research Center (MRC), a conservative-leaning media watchdog based in Reston, Virginia, through its own CensorTrack database, the nonprofit itself announced in a release.

The media watchdog points out the long list of those unabashedly censored includes Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson, podcaster Joe Rogan, GOP Senator Rand Paul, GOP Senator Ron Johnson, conservative radio hosts, and Fox contributors Mark Levin, Dan Bongino, among many others.

MRC revealed its CensorTrack database contains a total of 3,318 censorship cases from big tech platforms, which, besides COVID-19, deal with topics such as race, elections, and climate change.

Facebook (or Meta) is ‘the Worst’

The watchdog pointed out the worst case of COVID-19 censorship was on Facebook.

Facebook erased the account page of the so-called Great Barrington Declaration, a document in which major “international disease experts” stated their opposition to harsh pandemic lockdowns.

Recently, a study by three economists, including one from Johns Hopkins University, found lockdowns saved few people (0.2%) from COVID-19 deaths.

However, lockdowns did cause hundreds of thousands of other deaths by delaying medical care, spiking social isolation, and boosting the number of drug overdose cases.

In another case of egregious COVID-19 censorship, Facebook cracked down on the British Medical Journal after it confronted a contractor of vaccine maker, Pfizer, for undermining “data integrity” in Pfizer’s vaccine trials.

The Media Research Center emphasized the 808 cases of big tech censorship on COVID-19 topics it discovered probably “barely scratch the service” of free speech abuses committed by the social media companies.

Brent Bozell, the president of the MRC, noted in May 2021, Facebook practically admitted it is censoring COVID-19 content which examined whether the coronavirus was man-made.

Back then, Bozell tweeted the admission from Facebook served as evidence of how the fact-checking program was “actively suppressing valid debate” with respect to origins of the virus and promoted Chinese propaganda instead.

He urged Facebook to end its “fraudulent fact check program” because it exposed how dangerous the program really is.

According to the research of MRC Free Speech America, those who were censored by big tech include 41 doctors and scientists or medical and scientific groups.

The censorship also extends to 70 media personalities, 21 different news outlets, five GOP congressional members, and numerous other public figures.