Biden’s Vow of Clarity Fails

President Joe Biden’s promise of an accountable government has faded into obscurity. There are now renewed efforts to press Congress to demand the president be more honest about the onerous policies he is putting on the country.

The White House vowed on its first day to “bring integrity and accountability back to the government.”

However, the president removed key Trump-era measures aimed at eliminating outdated regulations, restricting new ones, and mandating that all governmental guidance be made publicly accessible by the citizens.

As a result, several agencies, particularly those supporting the president’s most liberal policy items, such as global warming, do not release public instructions.


Clyde Wayne Crews, Washington’s administrative watchdog at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, stated, “This is a dangerous trend.” He stated government transparency was once a bipartisan topic.

Even Vice President Kamala Harris supported the “Guidance Out of Darkness Act,” while she was a Senate Democrat. The bill was backed by Sens. Ron Johnson and James Lankford, as well as Ted Cruz.

Though it became partisan under President Trump and has remained so under President Biden, who reversed Trump’s unprecedented drive for transparency.

For instance, Biden rescinded a Trump executive order mandating that all regulatory “guidance” be posted on a single platform by each agency.

In his most recent report on regulatory obscurity, Crews stated many of these portals had been deactivated and now return a “404 Error” to web searches.

He even found humor in the missing data.

Crews stated that while he finds the non-compliance pages aggravating, specific organizations display a sense of humor in their disobedience. Moreover, he added, it is not just the government that is opaque.

Crews stated that Republicans in Congress play a role in supporting new regulations-heavy legislation, such as the computer chip bill that is currently working its way through the Senate and House and is expected to generate new rounds of extensive guidelines.

The size/number of pages of guidelines and recommendations that are now difficult to locate are astounding.

Previous Order

Crews stated the previous Trump executive order was primarily responsible for the availability of 107,000 guidance documents.

As a result of Biden’s veto of Executive Order 13,891, numerous agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency, are no longer cooperating.

He stated Biden’s unilateral order nullifying Trump’s openness measure is equivalent to penalizing the public. It is similar to Lucy removing the football from Charlie Brown.

Crews declared he intends to continue publishing reports on the difficulties of locating Biden presidency agency rules in the belief that a new Congress will approve legislation mandating transparency.

This way, future administrations cannot alter the practice by issuing new executive orders. The rest of the future, according to him, will be governed by the national guidance texts.

They must gain control of it.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.