Biden’s Sister Wants Meghan Markle to Succeed Him as America’s President

(GMB TV snapshot)

In an odd interview, Sleepy Joe Biden’s sister, Valerie Biden Owens, called upon Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s wife, to join the Democrat Party.

Owens wants Markle to strive to become president of the United States after her brother is out of office.

Meghan Markle as President?

The Bidens are known to be close to the UK’s Prince Harry and his semi-successful Hollywood actor wife, Meghan Markle, technically holding the meaningless titles of Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

The “Markles” are becoming increasingly controversial, with their incessant media appearances, collaboration with Oprah, and a failed project with Netflix.

Harry is constantly at odds with the British Royal Family since moving to the United States a couple of years ago. President Trump recently described him as the “most whipped” husband he has ever seen.

Speaking on Monday, Owens declared it made perfect sense for Meghan Markle to officially become a member of the Democrat Party.

Although, to be fair, Owens didn’t say whether the so-called Duchess of Sussex would make a better president than her brother. Her brother carries nicknames such as Sleepy Joe, Empty Shelves Joe, and Kabul Joe.

Valerie Biden Owens argued, as cited by The Daily Mail, that having Markle join the Democrats would achieve the “wonderful” thing of having “women in politics.”

In her interview, Valerie Biden Owens did sound a little bit like her gaffe-prone brother.

When asked whether Markle would be a “good potential” presidential candidate, she first responded with a “perhaps,” and then swiftly added “of course, she will”.

Sleepy Joe Doesn’t Make Gaffes, Just ‘Speaks Truth?’

Owens also sought to defend the indefensible gaffes and speech blunders that Sleepy Joe keeps making on a daily basis.

Empty Shelves Joe’s sister didn’t shy away from declaring that she gets “angry” whenever Biden makes his senile gaffes and the American public gets outraged.

Apparently, in her mind, American citizens aren’t entitled to the right to have a president without apparent cognitive impairments.

Valerie Biden Owens even found an absolutely bizarre way to defend Biden’s senility by arguing that “his gaffes are truths,” first and foremost.

In fact, she even suggested Biden is just speaking the truth the entire time. Owens then claimed that it just “sometimes comes out” in what she called a “different way,”  leading people to consider it a gaffe.

Owens then disclosed she didn’t like when Biden ran against Trump in 2020 – likely fearing a humiliating defeat for her brother.

Before the interview wrapped up, Empty Shelves Joe’s sister also confirmed that Biden is going to run for reelection in 2024.

This apparently means Owens thinks Meghan Markle should become president of the United States of America after her brother ends his wannabe second term in 2029.