Biden’s Response to the Opioid Crisis Widely Viewed as Inadequate

When Joe Biden was campaigning for the White House in 2020, he made a variety of grandiose promises that just haven’t been lived up to.

Biden said he’d end COVID, unify America, cure cancer, and do a litany of other great things. It hasn’t happened. What the president has managed to do is put the economy on life support and exacerbate problems facing the United States.

As it turns out, Biden’s job as president has been so lackluster that even three-quarters of his own party wants a different nominee for 2024.

Meanwhile, a new poll shows that most of the country is dissatisfied with how the president’s gone about handling the opioid crisis, per Breitbart News.

Another Failure on the Biden Administration’s Watch

This past Wednesday, Rasmussen Reports released a survey showing that most Americans aren’t too impressed with how Biden’s managed the opioid crisis.

Polling shows that 56% of the country doesn’t believe the president is doing enough to push back against this. Meanwhile, 44% of Americans agree the opioid crisis has gotten more precarious during Biden’s tenure as president.

Most Independents (58%) and Republicans (74%) believe Biden could do more to tackle the opioid crisis. Close to four out of ten Democrats share this viewpoint also.

Since Biden got into the Oval Office, there’s been very little public talk or focus on opioid addictions. Instead, the White House has chosen to direct its focus on climate change and dismantling the energy sector.

The Illegal Immigration Factor

As the White House takes no comprehensive measures to end the opioid crisis, it’s also allowing illegal immigration to run amuck.

Illegal immigration has surged tremendously on the watch of the Biden administration. With illegal immigration comes other subsequent problems like human trafficking and drug smuggling.

The opioid crisis is much more connected to illegal immigration than the Biden administration wants to let on. Republicans have pointed out that by this president allowing unlawful border entry to happen en masse, he’s actually facilitating the opioid crisis by extension.

This comes on top of all the lethal fentanyl that’s been discovered to be coming across the southern border as well.

All things considered, it is no mystery why so many Americans ultimately disapprove of how the White House is choosing to tackle this vital issue.

As long as illegal immigration is taking place on a wide scale, more people are going to suffer and ultimately lose their lives to drug addiction and overdoses.

What do you think about the Biden administration’s approach to the opioid crisis thus far? Do you believe illegal immigration, as it stands today, is feeding into America’s opioid crisis? In the comments area down below, you are more than welcome to let us know where you stand.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.