Biden’s New Monster Spending Bill is Going To Kill What’s Left of American Oil and Gas

Biden’s new monster spending bill squeaked by in the Senate and is all set to become law.

After roping in Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, the bill will force a green energy vision on the American nation.

The problems with the bill begin with its fake name, “the Inflation Reduction Act.” The bill does nothing of the sort. What it does do, is appear to finish off Biden and his handlers’ mission to destroy what’s left of American energy.

Bill Unleashes a Bag of Nasty Tricks

On the surface, this bill pushes huge spending toward green energy and fighting “climate change.” It subsidizes everything that can be thrown at alternative energy sources, even though many of them depend on coal, plastics, and other environmentally-harmful materials.

This bill is a direct shot at the US energy industry; the Institute for Energy Research (IER) has exposed just how bad it will be for the oil and gas sector.

This bill is going to cost taxpayers $98 billion, as if we’re not already paying enough at the pumps.

The Act gives big subsidies to wind power, solar power, and more. It leaves oil and gas completely out in the cold with no help. This is the government picking winners; it will lead to very big issues for traditional energy.

The feds have already shelled out $100 billion in tax credits for renewable energy in the past 30 years; so it’s not like this is anything new, but it doubles down on the policy that’s been pursued.

As Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene pointed out, this bill should actually be called the Bring Back Blackouts bill; it’s going to cripple our energy grid and leave many struggling families in worse shape than they already are.

Build Those Solar Panels and Turbines

This bill basically forks over huge pallets of cash to anyone who will make functioning solar panels and wind turbines.

If you’re making these, you are picked as a winner and bolstered with all sorts of government spending.

If you’re a dinosaur trying to produce the oil and gas that the country still actually runs on, then you’re out of luck.

Obviously, this will jack the price of gasoline and energy even higher in just the way it’s happened in Europe, which has also had far-left activists try to force alternative energy on the industry.

What’s even worse is the bill has many tax breaks and incentives for unionized green labor; so you’re going to see a further reduction in efficiency and the incestuous cycle between the Democrats and unions grow even more.

The Bottom Line

Bad and stupid people are in charge of this country; they don’t have the best interests of the American people in mind.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.