Biden’s New Cybersecurity Hire Thinks “Racism” is the Biggest Cyber Threat

President Biden is hiring a former, far-left Google strategist, Camille Stewart, as the White House Deputy National Cyber Director.

Stewart believes racism is the biggest cybersecurity challenge faced by the United States. She thinks the government should eliminate systemic racism in order to course correct the cybersecurity infrastructure of the country.

Biden Hires Woke Cybersecurity Expert

Stewart is joining the American cybersecurity bureaucracy at a time when the country is facing mounting challenges of increasing cyberattacks.

The Justice Department announced last month it is expecting more cyberattacks from international adversaries of America.

Last month, the FBI also revealed that it stopped an Iranian cyberattack against a Children’s Hospital in Boston, while numerous such attacks of Russia were intercepted in the wake of the Russia-Ukraine war.

However, Stewart believes racism and not any international adversary is posing the biggest threat to the cyberspace of America. 

Stewart has previously claimed, without evidence, that the American economy lost at least $16 trillion, due to “racism against black Americans.”

In 2020, she warned systemic racism would ruin American democracy, adding cybersecurity challenges will never be addressed fully if systemic racism is not eliminated and “diverse voices” are not incorporated in decision-making at every possible level.

Stewart wrote in The Hill that the Biden administration should focus on inculcating racial diversity in leadership, government structures, and domestic and international strategy after coming to power.

Furthermore, the woke strategist even urged American diplomats and foreign policy stakeholders to raise their voices regarding racial intolerance in the United States “on a global stage.”

White House Calls Stewart an Inspiration

Even if some political analysts believe the narrative that racism is a reality in the US, most of them cannot make any connection between cybersecurity and racism.

After listening to Stewart’s arguments, they are unable to understand how racism can be the biggest threat to the US cybersecurity infrastructure.

While the White House did not respond to comment on Stewart’s appointment, a press release from the White House suggested Stewart is not only a cybersecurity expert, but also “an inspiration” to women and racial minorities.

Meanwhile, Stewart’s possible hiring is likely to trigger Republican backlash as well.

Recently, GOP lawmakers chided different new hires of the Biden administration, including the “Global Woke Czar” of the State Department, Desirée Cormier Smith. 

Smith, who is appointed as the US Special Representative for Racial Equity and Justice, previously claimed white diplomats are too “protective” of the US, while black diplomats possess more empathy, compared to their white counterparts.

This nomination of the White House is in line with Democrats’ attempts to nominate far-left individuals to different federal agencies and the courts of the country.

When Biden nominated justice Ketanji Brown Jackson for the Supreme Court, even moderate Republicans like Sen. Lindsey Graham slammed the president for appointing a radical person to the highest court.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.