Biden’s Illegal Immigration Spikes America’s Foreign-Born Population

With the number of illegals violating the US border and territorial integrity averaging roughly 200,000 per month since May, the projections for the full 2021 calendar year are about two million illegal immigrants, a record-breaking figure.

The total abdication of the Biden administration from the security and protection of US borders against large-scale foreign infiltration may be motivated by the “wet dreams” of the Democrat Party.

The party is increasingly dominated by the radical Marxist left. They believe illegal immigrants can be naturalized quickly and will “naturally” become Democrat voters, together with their offspring.

All-time highs

Thanks to Biden’s unhindered illegal immigration, at present, the number of foreign-born people in the United States is estimated at 46.2 million.

The report makes it clear that 46.2 million immigrants, i.e. non-US born population, is an all-time high record for the United States.

America’s foreign-born population stands at 14.2% of the total. The share in question does not constitute a record yet, but at current trends, there will be a record in relative numbers as well.

Still, presently, the foreign-born share of the US population is the second-highest ever in the history of the United States.

The Center for Immigration Studies emphasizes the projections of the US Census Bureau will put America’s foreign-born population at a whopping 53.8 million, or 15.2% of the total, in 2030, and at 69.3 million, or 17.1% of the total, in 2060.

The release of the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) stresses the number of foreign-born people in the United States declined substantially in 2020. This was apparently due to the coronavirus pandemic and the strict security and anti-illegal immigration measures championed by President Trump.

However, in 2021, the number rebounded in both relative and absolute terms, as Empty Shelves Joe and his woke administration have seen to it that illegal immigrants can enter the territory of the United States as they please.

Numbers Going Up

Steven Camarota, a CIS demographer who is the chief author of the report, declared “illegal immigration has exploded”, and outlined possibly “the greatest” surge America has ever experienced in its history.

In specific numbers, the development looks as follows: in February-September 2020, the US saw a decline of 1.2 million migrants, resulting in a total foreign-born population of 43.8 million.

From October 2020 – January 2021, the number climbed to 45 million; since then, it is estimated to grow to reach 46.2 million. Camarota pointed to the fact the immigrant population in the US “flattened” in 2017, the year when Trump became president.

Nonetheless, it is true the numbers started to grow even under Trump, between the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2019, leading to stricter border security policies.

Camarota pointed out that Biden’s illegal immigration surge is a major contributing factor to the spike in America’s foreign-born population.

The demographer emphasized that immigration policymakers in the US, especially those from the Democrat Party, never seem to even bother to question how many immigrants the nation could actually “assimilate.”

He noted the Democrats are interested in more and more naturalized immigrants, while those in the GOP favoring immigration focus on the need for workers in the business community.

(Center for Immigration Studies)
(Center for Immigration Studies)
(Center for Immigration Studies)