Biden’s COVID Vaccine Mandate for Healthcare Workers Loses in Court

As Joe Biden campaigned to be president in 2020, he vowed that his time in the White House would bring about the defeat of the infamous COVID. In making this promise to the American people, Biden furthermore claimed then-President Trump had no clue how to defeat the virus.

Apparently, Biden is the one without a clue. In 2021, more Americans have died from this virus than they did in 2020. This is a fact the current White House doesn’t want to draw attention to.

As a means of compensating for his failure to eradicate the virus as he promised, Biden’s been pushing nationwide COVID vaccine mandates. The Federal Appeals Court put a stay on a mandate that would impact millions of workers employed by businesses.

As this mandate remains under an injunction, the courts have dealt yet another blow to an additional COVID vaccine mandate from Biden, as Breitbart News documents.

Another Legal Loss for the Biden Administration

Since Biden’s attempt to issue blanket mandates on workers across the nation, there have been a series of lawsuits from states, religious clubs, business groups, etc.

On Monday, Missouri Judge Matthew Schelp struck down the president’s tyrannical COVID vaccine mandate for healthcare workers in precisely ten different states. The states impacted are as follows: South Dakota, North Dakota, Arkansas, Wyoming, Nebraska, Alaska, New Hampshire, Kansas, Iowa, and Missouri.

Judge Schelp ultimately ruled the “vaccinate or lose your job” mandate threatens health facilities’ capacity to save lives. Likewise, the Missouri judge decreed Biden’s vaccine mandate as at odds with the Supreme Court, seeing as this mandate lacks congressional approval.

In additional statements, Judge Schelp’s ruling determined there’s not enough evidence to show any correlation between being vaccinated against COVID and lessening the virus’ spread in healthcare facilities.

A Win for Medical Freedom

The above ruling is an undoubted win for medical freedom. It also marks yet another time the courts have intervened against Biden trying to pass blanket mandates. These are not science-based mandates.

They don’t take natural immunity or prior COVID infection into account. Treating this virus as a one-size-fits-all situation when it impacts different individuals in various ways is unconscionable and foolish.

It is very good news Biden’s mandates are getting hit with injunctions or struck down altogether. If the federal government was able to get away with this, they would undoubtedly try to mandate other vaccinations and healthcare procedures on the American people.

We must not allow the president or anyone else to use this virus as a means to strip away freedoms, liberties, or choices from Americans. Enough is enough. The buck stops here.

What do you think about the ruling that strikes down Biden’s COVID vaccine mandate for healthcare workers in ten different states across the country?