Biden’s Climate Change Hypocrisy Highlighted By Excessive Motorcade

On Wednesday, Joe Biden traveled to Massachusetts to deliver a speech regarding the “climate crisis” and announce a multi-billion dollar climate investment. 

However, the president was given excessive convoy, which emitted the very same greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere that he was supposed to curb.

Motorcade Released Insanely High Carbon Dioxide 

While Biden went on Air Force One to Massachusetts, he was then accompanied by a long motorcade to visit a windmill site in Somerset, which was once a coal-fired power plant.

Apart from that, two C-17 military planes loaded with the Secret Service vehicles went to Rhode Island, where Biden flew after visiting Massachusetts.

After emitting so many greenhouse gasses during his whole trip, Biden ended up announcing the historical spending of $2.3 billion to combat climate change. 

This is not the first time that Biden is making headlines for accompanying a long motorcade just to deliver a pro-climate speech.

In November last year, the president flew to Glasgow, Scotland, to attend a global meetup, COP26, to discuss the rising climate emissions. However, before this meeting, an 85-car-long motorcade accompanied him to Pope Francis in Vatican City.

Similarly, he went to the COP 26 meeting in another 21-car motorcade, which included Secret Service officials and the official protocol of the host country.

Biden Has a History of Climate Hypocrisy

Though political analysts are not surprised by this climate hypocrisy of the president, who regularly spends his weekends in Delaware or Camp David.

During his weekend journeys, he purges a significant amount of carbon dioxide in the air using his helicopters and official protocol vehicles that escort him on his trips.

This comes at a time when the president has vowed to use his executive authority to stop climate emissions. 

The climate hypocrisy of Biden does not end here. He has often called climate change a collective danger for the whole world, while urging different nations to play their role in tackling the deteriorating climate.

However, he flew to the Middle East last week to request Saudi Arabia’s crown prince to release more oil to global markets.

Introducing more petroleum products into the market requires a significant amount of drilling, which is eventually damaging to the climate.

Biden did not care about the very same climate when he was asking for more oil from the prince just to heal his nosediving approval ratings. 

Needless to say, the president has long denied increasing domestic oil production of the United States by citing environmental concerns.

Meanwhile, US special presidential envoy for climate, John Kerry, is also purging a staggering amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. He is traveling around the globe on a private jet with his family.

Reportedly, Kerry’s plane emitted over 300 metric tons of carbon dioxide in the first 18 months of Biden’s presidency.

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.