Biden, White House Contradict Each Other on COVID Testing

The new omicron strain of COVID has already caused quite a stir in the United States. According to the federal government, the nation’s so-called health and medical professionals are studying omicron to learn more about it.

Due to this latest strain, new requirements for international travelers coming into the United States went into effect today. Any international traveler arriving in America must be able to present a COVID test within 24 hours of departure.

Furthermore, this applies to any and all travelers, even if they are completely vaccinated against COVID and/or citizens of the United States. Biden made this announcement towards the end of last week.

However, Red State draws attention to the fact that Biden himself may be dealing with some health issues he hasn’t been forthcoming about.

A Deeper Dive into Biden’s Apparent Health Problems

During a Friday press conference, the 46th president’s voice was notably raspy and off-putting; it certainly didn’t sound the way his voice normally does.

As a result of this, Fox News correspondent Peter Doocey questioned Biden on whether or not he was feeling OK. The 46th president then responded by stating he’s fine and takes COVID tests on a daily basis.

Shortly thereafter, Biden also noted he has a very young grandchild who also had a cold and was apparently kissing him. However, in typical Biden fashion, he lied. This lie became very much apparent when the White House later stepped in to clean up what the president said.

Later on Friday, the White House put out a statement, confirming Biden’s only been tested for COVID thrice per week. Furthermore, Americans learned these tests were administered after Biden began showing signs of possibly having the virus.

So, to be clear, Joe Biden does not receive daily tests for coronavirus, in spite of what he told Peter Doocey.

A Troubling Pattern of Dishonesty

This latest contradiction between the president and his own White House is truly remarkable. It is yet another example of how dishonest Biden continues to be.

He lied about getting tested for COVID each day. Who knows what else Biden’s lying about that has yet to come to the surface? What other details could there be that the White House is choosing not to be forthcoming about?

This troubling pattern of dishonesty is all the more reason why Biden shouldn’t be in the Oval Office or making any serious kind of leadership decisions in the country. Thankfully, the courts have blocked some of his worst moves, like trying to ban oil and gas drilling, along with pushing for nationwide vaccination edicts.

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