Biden Set to Become Most Vacationing President Ever

(Fox News photo shows Biden on the beach on Saturday)

President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden is taking vacation breaks with an enviable tenacity, especially considering the backdrop of the mind-blowing crises he and his administration have managed to cause.

Biden seems set to become the most “vacationing” and “relaxed” president in the nation’s history, just as he passed the milestone of 500 days in office.

Strolling on Atlantic Beach After Emergency Evacuation

Renewed media focus on Biden’s incessant off time was brought about over the weekend by Saturday’s false alarm incident.

Joe and Jill were rushed in an emergency evacuation to the local fire station in Rehoboth, Delaware after a light aircraft mistakenly entered a temporary no-fly zone over the Bidens’ lavish beach house.

In a twist of fate, 79-year-old Sleepy Joe was photographed later on Saturday by a Fox News reporter, as he was taking a walk on Delaware’s Atlantic coast.

The Bidens were completely capable of relaxing even as household finances of Americans are being pummeled by Biden-flation and gas prices are striving to $10 per gallon.

500 Days in Office, More Than 1/3 of Off Time

Against that backdrop, Sleepy Joe is now adamantly on track to become the most vacationing president in the history of the United States, according to a report in The Daily Mail.

Biden and his First Lady turned caretaker-in-chief have already become notorious for seeking to run away from the White House at any convenient occasion.

Right before their eventful trip to Rehoboth, Delaware, this weekend, Sleepy Joe spent a whopping 188 days, full or partial, vacationing away from the White House.

That is out of 498 days, as the president, up until Friday and as of Sunday, marked the 500th day since occupying the White House.

Of those 188 days off, Biden spent a combined total of 130 days at either one of his Delaware properties, another 51 days at Camp David, plus six days on Nantucket.

All of that translates into Sleepy Joe spending more than one third of his first 500 days in office practically being on vacation.

Biden famously described the White House as feeling like a “gilded cage.” He declared he is “not joking” about that or his desire to get away from it as much as possible and “go home to Delaware.”

That naturally begs the question as to why Biden ran for president in the first place.

During his term in office, President Donald Trump took 381 days off; although he described much of that time as “working vacations.”

During his two terms in the White House, Joe Biden’s ex-boss, Barack Obama, officially had 328 days off.

The most vacationed US president so far is George W. Bush, with 1,020 days in his eight years in the White House, as he spent much time on his Texas ranch.

If he keeps going at the present rate, either for one, or for two terms, Joe Biden seems set to surpass Bush.