Biden Scolds Americans For Complaining About the Economy

There have been many problems stemming from Joe Biden’s presidency. However, some of the worst ones of all involve the US economy.

Inflation is what’s keeping people from being able to afford living expenses that are consistently rising. Growing interest rates are impeding Americans’ abilities to pay for mortgages, car loans, credit card bills, etc.

However, the Biden administration truly doesn’t want the country to believe that economic issues exist. They’re already trying to change the meaning of “recession.” Before that, the White House was claiming the economy to be the strongest in history.

Now, the president is actually scolding Americans for daring to complain about inflation or other economic problems, per Breitbart News.

Biden on Widespread Economic Concerns

During a discussion with his economic aides, the president said he doesn’t get why so much of the country is up in arms about the economy.

The president declared to have sent $8,000 checks to the American people as a form of relief. Thus far, however, this is simply not accurate.

In actuality, Biden’s American Rescue Plan involved checks of a little over $1,000, along with child tax credits. In no way does this shake out to $8,000 checks, though.

The president then again referenced fictional $8,000 checks by saying he never got one when he was growing up in a middle-class home. Biden would later go on to angrily claim that Americans have forgotten about what he views as his work to stabilize the economy.

Horrible Timing

Biden’s complaints to his economic aides about backlash from Americans come at a horrible time.

The economy is doing so poorly on the president’s watch that White House officials have been reduced to trying to change the meaning of what a recession is.

This has been largely frowned upon by Americans who are feeling the sting of having less money amid skyrocketing market prices. To add insult to injury, the Federal Reserve recently passed yet another increase in the interest rate.

Americans are repeatedly being told that these interest rate upticks are going to lower inflation. Yet, inflation keeps on climbing, leaving interest rates to follow suit.

For many Americans, this feels like a vicious cycle with seemingly no end in sight. Biden’s remarks about $8,000 checks, all things considered, come off as both tone-deaf and entitled.

Ultimately, this latest outburst isn’t going to do him or his party any favors. Americans are looking for real solutions, rather than a leader who admonishes them for not being grateful enough.

What do you think about Joe Biden claiming that he delivered $8,000 checks to the American people last year? Let us know in the comments area if you believe the United States is presently in the midst of a recession.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.