Biden ‘Loves’ Kamala, Not Letting Her Go in 2024

Democrat President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden has finally fully cast aside doubts that he would have Kamala Harris as his running mate in 2024, except he did it in a truly bizarre way.

Amid inflation, illegal immigration, supply chain nightmares, higher energy and gas prices, COVID-19, and the Afghanistan pullout, Sleepy Joe’s popularity ratings have gone down to the mid-to-low 30s. Kamala’s have been found to be even lower at certain points.

This has opened up a vast array of questions ranging from whether Biden would even run for reelection in 2024 to whether  Harris would be his running mate.

‘Kamala, I Love You’

Speaking alongside Harris during a virtual event for the Democratic National Committee, Biden used words that made it seem that he is actually in love with his vice president.

“Hi, Kamala, I love you,” Sleepy Joe declared in his opening remarks in Friday’s grassroots virtual event of the DNC, as cited by Fox News.

He proceeded further to claim that Harris has always had his “back.”

In his brief “I’m in love with Kamala” tirade, Biden also called his vice president “amazing” and described her as the “best partner I could imagine.”

Biden’s revelation on Friday that he is at least politically “in love” with his “partner” Kamala Harris came after he already made comments to that end on Wednesday during his two-hour news conference.

Kamala’s ‘Good Job’

As he was answering questions to reporters back then, Biden perplexingly claimed that his vice president is “doing a good job”.

Such an “assessment” runs counter to the perception of the public and Harris’ abysmal ratings.

It also runs counter to the dysfunctionality of her office. In the past couple of months, Harris was abandoned by four of her senior staff members, including her communications director Ashley Etienne and her spokeswoman Symone Sanders.

Kamala has become especially notorious with respect to the issue of  totally unrestricted illegal immigration into the United States.

Last March, Biden declared her to be his administration’s “point person” on illegal immigration.

Since then, Kamala hasn’t done anything whatsoever in order to stop the influx of illegals, and hasn’t even had the decency to visit the actual border.

If allowing unrestricted illegal immigration to continue is Biden’s goal, than his assessment of Kamala doing a great job is perfectly correct.

That’s not even mentioning the numerous major gaffes Kamala has amassed – from accusing US ally Israel of committing genocide to using child actors for a supposedly educational video.

Sleepy Joe’s claims that Harris is doing well as vice president only go to show how completely out of touch he is with the public.

It’s a scary and very unfortunate state of affairs at this time in our country.