Biden Gives Ukraine Another Meager Arms Package in Boost to Russia

(US-made M777 towed howitzer - Wikipedia photo)

President Joe “Multiple Crises” Biden issued a new military aid package for embattled Ukraine.

While the aid is welcome, it is still meager and far from what the plucky Ukrainians need to defeat Russia once and for all.

American Military Aid Crucial, But Vastly Insufficient

The fresh new American package of military aid to Ukraine is worth $1 billion. While the aid in question has enabled them to stand up to Putin’s brutes, it is nowhere nearly enough to deal them a devastating blow.

After being attacked, Ukraine fought back valiantly, defeating the invasion completely in the north and beating back advances in the south, east, and southeast. Ukrainian defenders have been inflicting severe losses on Russians.

The latest update of the Ukrainian Ministry of the Defense, as of Thursday morning, says at least 32,950 Russian troops have been killed in action so far.

(US-made Harpoon anti-ship missile – Wikipedia photo)

Western Trickle of Military Aid to Ukraine

Biden announced the new US military aid package for Ukraine in a statement on Wednesday.

It came against the backdrop of a meeting of defense ministers of 45 western nations in Brussels to discuss new military supplies to the Ukrainians.

Biden announced, as cited by The Daily Mail, the new US weaponry to be shipped to Ukraine includes more artillery systems, Multi-Launch Rockets Systems (MLRS), and coast anti-ship missile systems.

His announcement came amid reports that US fighters have been caught by the Russians in Ukraine for the first time.

Apart from the new weaponry, Biden announced more US humanitarian aid for Ukraine worth $225 million. His announcement came after he spoke with Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelenskyy for 41 minutes, earlier on Wednesday.

Ukrainian commentators and military experts reacted to the new US military aid packages with mixed feelings.

They were both expressing gratitude and affirming that without western military supplies, Russia may have already seized most or at least the entire eastern half of their country.

However, Ukrainians also complained their military needs far bigger quantities of heavy armaments in order to be certain to defeat the Russians.

Ukrainian military intelligence officer and government adviser Oleksiy Arestovich commented on YouTube that the trickle of western military supplies to Ukraine reflects a new political strategy.

America and its allies are worried Ukrainians could indeed defeat Russia, which could cause the downfall of the Moscow regime.

It could even cause the breakup of Russia into some 30 warring, nuclear-armed statelets. The latter would be a world of trouble to deal with for the collective West.

Because of that, the West is now giving Ukraine tiny portions of military aid, just enough to help it to keep the Russian at bay, but not enough to allow Ukrainians to inflict devastating defeats upon the vicious invaders.