Biden Enraged by Florida Bill ‘Attacking’ Gay Kids in Primary Schools

Social media posts coming out of the White House made it clear Biden is fuming over the rights of gay kids. This is due to a bill in Florida seeking to exclude the talk of sexual identity among young school children.

The draft law in Florida, which has quickly been dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay” bill by the mainstream media, is supported by Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis.

It is designed to guarantee discussions in primary schools are actually age-appropriate, not infected by the far-left gender ideology of Marxist radicals.

‘Sexual-Type’ Discussions Aren’t Teaching

On Tuesday, Florida’s Senate Education Committee gave the green light to the draft legislation known as SB 1834. This prohibits schools from promoting sexuality and gender identity discussions in primary grade levels.

Dennis Baxley, a Republican member of the Florida state Senate who sponsored the bill, told Fox News the new legislation would define the role of teachers in classrooms.

He emphasized certain discussions – such as those about sexuality – are for children to have with their parents, not with teachers. In his words, “sexual-type” discussions with kids are “dangerous” and don’t constitute teaching.

Baxley noted the bill applies to school curriculums and procedures, not private conversations students and teachers might have.

Speaking during a press conference on Tuesday, Governor DeSantis not only backed the bill, but also drove home the message about its goals and meaning.

He declared himself in support of the rights of parents with respect to what teachers are instructing in schools. DeSantis then blasted schools isolating parents from teaching decisions.

Christina Pushaw, DeSantis’ press secretary, lambasted the mainstream leftist media’s “false narrative” on the draft law; despite reports, the bill doesn’t ban anybody from saying the word “gay”.

She said DeSantis will decide whether to sign the bill into law once it is adopted and he can review its final draft.

‘Hateful’ ‘Attack’ on ‘LGBTQI+ Kids’

Regardless of these clarifications, Joe Biden and the official Twitter account of the White House posted highly bewildering messages in defense of gay kids.

Sleepy Joe told all LGBTQI+ people – “especially the kids” – that they are loved and accepted. Joe Biden also stated he will be fighting for the protection they deserve.

Biden’s tweet was actually a comment on a retweet of an earlier post by the White House’s account, which sounded even more radical and fallacious.

The White House’s tweet declared that the Florida bill is designed in order to attack LGBTQI+ kids. It also claimed the legislation will make the process of growing harder for young people.

Apparently, according to Joe Biden and his caretakers, a full-fledged exposure to the gender identity ideology of radical Marxism from a very early age makes growing up “easier.”