Biden Cowers Before Russia, Leaving Ukraine Hanging

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President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden put a new stain on America’s pro-freedom face.

He cowered before murderous Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin and announced his administration is not going to supply Ukraine with badly needed missile systems to defeat the vicious Russian invaders.

Kabul Joe Buys into Putin’s Blackmail

Biden’s backtracking on previous American plans to deliver the US-made Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS) came after a barrage of propaganda fire by the Russian propaganda machine of Putin stooges, including those in the United States.

They warned America “must not” deliver the missile systems because those can be used by Ukraine to strike the territory of Russia itself.

Never mind that for nearly 100 days now, the Russians have been pummeling Ukraine’s territory with missiles, airstrikes, and artillery.

Meanwhile, their troops have been indiscriminately on the ground raping, torturing, and killing anybody they can get their evil hands on.

Apparently, for the Biden administration, Russia’s home turf is something sacred.

Ukrainians have been extremely careful to not make any moves against Russia that may be used by Putin’s insane propaganda to even remotely justify its claims that Ukrainians are “aggressors” and “Nazis.”

Killing Ukrainians’ Hopes to Defend Themselves

In comments before reporters, apart from his Memorial Day speech, Sleepy Joe completely bought into Russian propaganda and threats, shamefully kowtowing to Putin, a man he himself described last year as a “killer.”

In his mind, Russia hasn’t been illegally striking into and invading Ukraine. To Biden, Ukraine hasn’t been doing a service to the entire West by putting superhuman efforts and bravery into the beating back of Russians.

Last week, there were reports by leftist mainstream media that the Biden administration was about to ship to Ukraine the Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) and HIMARS, a similar missile system.

This would allow the Ukrainians to frustrate what seems to be a last-ditch push by the Russians over the past few weeks or so.

The US government already provided Ukraine with long-range howitzers. Even though their striking range is a couple of dozens of miles, those could still theoretically be used by the Ukrainians to hit targets inside Russia, should they so decide.

After the Russians decisively lost their initial invasion battles, with the 200,000 troops Putin sent at first failing to subjugate Ukrainians since early April, Moscow’s sole focus has been an all-out offensive in the Donbass region.

In spite of the gigantic losses in manpower and equipment, on that front, the Russians still enjoyed a hardware advantage of 20:1 over the Ukrainians, leaving the latter desperate to get more heavy weaponry from the West as soon as possible.

The latest update of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry shows as of Tuesday morning, after 96 of fighting, more than 30,500 Russian troops have been killed in battle.

The number of destroyed Russian military equipment is rapidly approaching 9,000 units.