Biden-Buttigieg: The Grinch Duo Who Stole Christmas 2021

Christmas is possibly the most joyful and spiritual holiday of the year; however, it is under attack by vicious leftist radicals who are eager to destroy America’s traditions and identity.

However, that’s not enough, so it has also been stolen by a repulsive duo of Christmas-stealing Grinches.

Are Biden and Buttigieg Really That Incompetent?

Those Grinches have conspired against Americans with inflation, struggling families, and Soviet Union-style shortages from basic necessities to Christmas gifts for young children.

The unpleasant Grinch duo is made up of President Joe Biden and his youthful alter ego, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

Biden and Buttigieg have, in essence, spurred an unlikely combination of skyrocketing inflation and a supply chain crisis which has literally stolen Christmas like Dr. Seuss’s Grinch did.

Their line of thinking is that common folk ought to be eternally grateful to them for whatever they do in office.

Perhaps, they did this on purpose to steal Christmas, smash the American middle class, and show the good people of the United States who the boss is.

They want to prove they can do as they please and don’t even have to care about being held accountable. It is worth noting the Grinch duo of Biden and Buttigieg took a few months to achieve Biden-flation and the supply chain crunch.

That’s not even mentioning Biden-flation via all the easy, free money Sleepy Joe and his Democrat band started just tossing out in the streets as early as February.

Buttigieg Changing Diapers is More Important

Pete Buttigieg has been an addition to the whole ugly big picture. He also chose to take months off on “paternity leave” and spend quality time changing diapers with his husband.

Plus, it’s his boss and patron Old Sleepy Joe who made the supply chain crisis happen, so it must be a swell thing. Then, we get the mainstream liberal leftist media pushing upon us various pieces and reports claiming it’s not the fault of the nasty incompetent Grinches in the White House and the Transportation Department.”

Sadly, Americans’ Christmas in 2021 has been stolen figuratively and literally, by both Biden and Buttigieg. Let it be a lesson to this nation that the latest breed of Marxists taking over the Democrat Party do this kind of stuff.

Also, let it be a lesson for other countries out there that when you allow Marxist incompetents into office and into power, you just might end up with that double spiral of inflation.

You might end up with a supply chain crunch that won’t just wipe out your Christmas, but will blow the sanity right out of your mind. Oh, and then that same bunch will have the cheek to wish you “Happy Holidays”.