Biden Almost Starts World War III by Gaffing About US Troops in Ukraine

(CSPAN video snapshot shows Joe Biden addressing US troops based in Poland on Friday)

The infamous gaffes coming out of Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden’s mouth during any of his public appearances have long made the United States the laughingstock of America’s enemies.

These gaffes are emboldening the likes of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin to start wars because they think the Free World won’t resist them with this kind of a “leader.”

However, on Friday, Sleepy Joe took it to the next level. His latest gaffe nearly started a World War III between the West and Russia.

Sleepy Joe’s Senility Almost Destroyed the World

For months, Biden had been reiterating how there could be no US boots on the ground in Ukraine.

However, Sleepy Joe said the opposite this week; he uttered a phrase suggesting American troops are about to go into Ukraine and face the Russian military.

Joe Biden was in Poland on Friday, on a tour to Europe in order to reassure America’s allies in the face of continuing Russian aggression in Ukraine, where he visited US troops.

During this time, Biden somehow blurted out that “you” – evidently the US troops he was addressing – are going to “see when you are there” the Russian atrocities in Ukraine.

This claim may have triggered all kinds of reactions from Putin. Analysts believe he has either gone mad or is behaving like what he always has been – a cold-blooded, bloodthirsty, KGB gangster.

Biden Just Gaffed and Had Some Pizza

As his troops have been failing to score any victories whatsoever in Ukraine for a month, amid devastating sanctions from the West, Putin is said to be fuming inside the bunkers where he has been hiding.

That makes it quite plausible he might make unpredictable attacks using weapons of mass destruction, potentially against the US and NATO since the West has been supplying the Ukrainians with weapons to resist.

Biden’s hey-why-not-have-world-war-III-over-a-gaffe left his staffers scrambling to “clarify” his words. The White House rushed to deny the US government has any intention whatsoever to send any boots on the ground inside Ukraine.

A spokesperson for the White House was quick to tell Fox News that Biden “has been clear” America isn’t sending military forces to Ukraine and this “position” hasn’t changed.

Hopefully, the “clarification” made it to Putin in time, before he presses that big red button and destroys the world.

In the meantime, right after he quipped before the 82nd Airborne Division based in Poland about how US troops will see the devastation in Ukraine when they are “there”, Biden said he wasn’t leaving as the troops were about to have some pizza.

So, Sleepy Joe was a real happy camper on Friday. He first went ahead and blundered in a way that could cause World War III.

Not long afterwards, the president then enjoyed pizza that wasn’t even meant for him, but for those same troops he had just “sent” to Ukraine.