Jeff Bezos Attacks Musk’s Twitter Takeover as Favoring Chinese Government

(Photo tweeted by Trung Phan of Musk and Bezos' first meeting back in 2004)

The informal war between the two richest persons in the world – Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos – has seen a brand-new episode with the former’s buyout of Twitter for $44 billion.

Meanwhile, Bezos is hinting that his rival’s takeover of Twitter may greatly favor the government of communist China.

Bezos Attacks Musk with Rhetorical Question

Musk managed to buy out Twitter after several weeks’ worth of efforts and putting in more than $20 billion of his own money.

His success in purchasing Twitter led the Marxist left to cry bloody murder and consider deleting accounts to inflict financial pain on Musk.

Musk has been increasingly critical of wokeness, with some of his latest tweets blaming Netflix’s downturn on the “woke mind virus,” and comparing another billionaire, Bill Gates, to Apple’s transgender “pregnant man” emoji.

At the same time, Jeff Bezos has been notably pro-leftist, with his $250 million purchase of The Washington Post back in 2013.

Shortly after the news broke that Musk succeeded in buying out Twitter, Bezos posted a tweet, wondering whether the $44 billion deal would make Twitter subjected to influence or even pressure from communist China.

The Amazon founder played on Musk’s own post that because of its newsworthiness as a platform, Twitter has become like a “town square.”

Thus, Bezos questioned if “the Chinese government” just gained some “leverage” over that same “town square.”

Bezos Deems Musk ‘Great at Navigating Complexities’

Bezos’ comment came after a post by a New York Times journalist, which argued that Musk is actually “extremely exposed” to communist China.

Besides being Tesla’s second-biggest market after the United States, China also produces supply battery parts for its EVs.

Twitter has been banned in China since 2009 over protests by the local population in Xinjiang, of the Uyghur ethnicity.

Since then, Beijing communists have embarked on genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Muslim Uyghurs, with concentration camps and forced sterilizations, among other horrifying measures.

However, while Twitter isn’t available to its citizens, and thus poses no threat to the communist dictatorship in Beijing, Bezos seemed to be hinting the Chinese government could now use Musk’s ownership of the platform to try to influence western citizens.

Interestingly enough, after he first engaged in the provocation, several hours later, Bezos posted another tweet in which he responded negatively to his own question.

He wrote, in his view, the answer is China probably won’t gain leverage over Twitter through Elon Musk.

Then, Bezos added this is yet to be seen, and he mentioned praise of his rival, noting that Musk happens to be “extremely good at navigating” the sort of “complexity” in question.

Among other things, the rivalry between Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos is largely playing out through their space exploration companies: SpaceX founded in 2003, and Blue Origin, founded in 2000, respectively.