Bernie Sanders Joins AOC and Buttigieg on List of 2024 Democrat Hopefuls

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It’s not often we get to see Bernie Sanders on a list of hopeful candidates for the 2024 election.

Although the latest one made by the Washington Post added dozens of changes, including Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg taking the second place away from Vice President Kamala Harris.

Naturally, Biden remains in first place; although we’ve still got more than two years for that to change. Considering the dozens of disasters his presidency has caused, there’s certainly room for corrections on the list.

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A United States run by AOC has become a possibility

Unfortunately for us, though, that same list includes Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, probably the most busy-bee “woke” propaganda pusher of all the Democrats out there. She’s made herself comfortable in the #10 spot.

In fact, Biden wasn’t even included in these rankings back in December last year. Many expected him to be a one-term president, with many Democrats hoping to see “someone not named Biden” on the 2024 ballot.

Despite the general sentiment surrounding the 79-year-old president, the Washington Post still decided to start including him in the lists later on, possibly due to him starting to hint at a run in 2024.

The report does clarify that the only solid chance at winning Biden has is if Democratic voters are once again put into a position where they’re forced into choosing the lesser of two evils, at least according to the left-leaning crowd.

Do the Democrats even stand a chance in 2024?

Aside from Sanders and AOC, who are ranked 6th and 10th on the list, respectively, the report also includes Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar at the 5th and 4th spots, with NC Governor Roy Cooper dropping three ranks, compared to April’s list.

Buttigieg’s calm manner of speaking has drawn the attention of many Democrats who are already tired of Biden’s incoherent ramblings.

Meanwhile, Vice President Kamala Harris’ close relation to President Biden is what’s causing her to lose supporters daily; her approval rating has been shadowing that of President Biden from the very start.

Fortunately for the right-leaning voters, these lists of Democrat hopefuls may have already been obsoleted, considering the fact that midterm election polls are all pointing at a Republican victory, which will cause the Democrat Party to take a massive hit.

Minorities across the US are slowly shifting towards Republican candidates. Even if Trump may not be among the more popular ones with minority groups, he could easily steal a win, should he decide to run in 2024.

Biden’s approval rating is a clear indicator that this country needs change, as soon as possible.

Although the Democratic hopeful list doesn’t exactly provide many decent options, given the fact that Sanders is actually older than Biden, and if AOC somehow makes it to the top of the list, may God help us all.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.