Baby Formula Shipments Projected to Begin Within Weeks

For several weeks now, baby formula and the inability to access it has caused major problems for parents and infants nationwide. Many infants even had to get medical care, due to lacking the vital nutrients within this formula.

The White House knew months before these shortages began that scarce access to baby formula would be a problem. Yet, that didn’t stop the administration from waiting until this crisis began to unravel before acting.

Although baby formula shortages have largely been phased out of the news, many Americans are still living with the consequences of having to go without. Now, an update has been provided on when the nation can expect fresh shipments, per Newsmax.

The Latest on US Baby Formula

This past Friday, Abbott Laboratories confirmed the weeks coming up will see distributions of the EleCare formula.

Thus far, the top manufacturer of baby formula has run into various issues with its manufacturing plant; these issues range from an FDA-mandated closure to dealing with flooding that forced yet another shutdown of the plant.

While EleCare formula is being worked on, Similac formula still remains in the works. The shipments of EleCare will make a huge difference for infants and very young children who suffer from protein allergies or otherwise can’t ingest protein that’s intact.

New shipments of baby formula will certainly be welcome; yet, even when EleCare is back on the market, it will still take time before baby formula is widely available in the way it used to be.

Another Crisis Coming Soon?

Since Joe Biden’s held the White House, one major nationwide disaster after the next has struck. This naturally creates a dynamic where many people hold their breath, waiting for the next bomb to detonate.

Unfortunately, the White House still hasn’t released a thorough plan to ensure baby formula shortages never have a comeback. The administration could work to increase the number of suppliers or bolster available resources; thus far, this has yet to happen.

This means that as parents of small kids have to deal with a lack of baby formula, they’re also seeing everything get more expensive amid rising public safety concerns.

All of this plays a role in the low approval ratings currently being seen with this president. The White House, on the other hand, stands by the narrative that life is good and Biden has delivered for the country.

Thus far, the only things this president has delivered are higher prices, more crime, and a lack of solutions to prevent future issues later down the line.

What do you think about this latest update regarding baby formula in the United States? Let us know in the comments feed how long you believe it will take for this situation to be completely resolved.


This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.